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Is it possible that hidden in the sands, rocks and unrecognizable debris of the Mediterranean world, deep down below all that ancient oblivion there exists the remains of a most unrecognized old, advanced civilization? An Eden world may hide there. One we have been held to not know or realize by plan then dictate? Could such be the condition sold to our entire planet’s mindset to deprive us of our true being? We have no concept of how advanced humanity might have been prior to the Carolina Bays Event of 12,900 years ago when some massive punctuated event swept the planet clean. If the Demigods or whomever these potentially super beings were, survived an Earthwide catastrophe due to advanced engineering methods that we see in Egypt, Peru and many isolated spots around the globe including the evidence of advanced mathematics and knowledge, then they would have been the benefactors of lost civilizations and religious traditions. They could have ruled isolated through those centuries of reclaiming our former ancestry. It seems evident that they had the expertise of our present day DARPA with the brain power of MIT behind their evident engineering creations. These entities so highly educated may have survived intact almost like our Army Corp of Engineers with much of their equipment intact and working. With the evidence of Nazca in mind, they may have flown around the planet. They would have been perceived as the greatest saviours when they appeared to the few survivors clinging to what little the world had left after the sweeping of mile high Tsunamis! Survivors who had to start over in the climb back to where we are today. With the increasing Archaeological finds of today rapidly showing more and more the early remains of a former advanced civilization, the answer seems clear, we have been had! Yet we now know the true God of our being to become has a message larger than our perceived Universe. We are His Parts of the Whole! Now we see deeper, dimensionally!



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