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Perhaps my explanation about the format of imagination, as applied generously on GHMB, especially on Paranormal/Supernatural, is the very reason I became involved in this Forum. I do allow a meandering thought life, as I mentioned above, which I use to express my thoughts. It may not be logical, but years of writing poetry has colored my usage of explanatory words along those lines of expression.
But discussion forums do not work on ‘meandering thoughts’, or poetic flow, or flowery language. That is for blogs, personal journals, not discussion boards. Please see my response to your latest blog post.

I rarely use the quote function.
How, then are people supposed to know what you are responding to? Why should they have to find and re-open the post concerned and then try to look at both at once, or to memorise the text, to work out the connection? The quote function is there to avoid that, and I certainly cannot work without it.

I like freely flowing words,
And that’s fine for blogs and journals, but doesn’t work on discussion forums.

and quoting can be burdensome.
Well, that is something you will have to deal with!”!! It takes a bit more effort, but all good discussions require thought and effort not just a throw-away thought or three.


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