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I think that my overthinking of my duties at work seem to be a distraction to my performance. My boss wants full attention to my work with no distractions that have nothing to do with my job. I know that he is absolutely right about the contents of my imagination aside from my work; not neccessary to do my job.

The example that most astonished me was when Greengirl5 said, "I am God" when she was discussing her experiments on the supernatural paths. That is quite heady. Random Phactor said some things that bothered me. That's just my incredulous reaction to such ideas.

The use of the word "even" was not intended to be a sneer. I used it like I meant to say "also". Sorry if you did not like it.

Perhaps my explanation about the format of imagination, as applied generously on GHMB, especially on Paranormal/Supernatural, is the very reason I became involved in this Forum. I do allow a meandering thought life, as I mentioned above, which I use to express my thoughts. It may not be logical, but years of writing poetry has colored my usage of explanatory words along those lines of expression.

Yes, I do need to reconstruct my personal language to clear expositions of my thoughts. It is a personal interpretation, through words used, to enable someone to actually understand what I'm referring to.

Yes, I too have difficulty with computers, even my smartphone. It really surprises me that when I go ahead with a topic, my phone's Google translator seems to anticipate my next word, and sometimes it really works out just fine!!!! But, I stuggle nonetheless.

I always edit my posts using the Preview function. It is also usefull to edit after I post. I rarely use the quote function. I like freely flowing words, and quoting can be burdensome.

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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