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Taking your last sentence with the first:

Thank you very much for your observations about my thoughts.
Susan, this response is extremely long, and I will answer each question of yours.
And thank you for responding so clearly and interestingly.

I have not responded recently due to other activity. I posted other things because I am always thinking, something my manager at work says I do too much.
I don’t think there can ever be too much thinking!!

I use caps to emphathize an intent of meaning. It is an old habit that I have used to underline words and phrases when I write on paper. In fact, a first draft of this conversation is on paper.
As far as I’m concerned, Synthetic Dave reads it in the same way, caps or not, but if I have to read word by word, then it will announce caps. But people tend to refer to over-use of caps as shouting.

As for "caring", I do value and sometimes am astonished by the words used by posters on GHMB.
Examples? One of the most important things is to think how the words we use are going to be read by others. Clarity is essential.

Yes, "wise words", as you said, are individually discerned as either valuable, or regretful. I admit that some posts are not to my liking, but that is the nature of a discussion board.
And if everyone agreed or pandered meekly to another’s obvious errors, it would be very boring.

I do agree that no one poster has the autonomy to instruct; rather, I do think that some posters are informing with a little attitude. I have been paying attention to that aspect of the boards.
Attitude is often evident, but the way to deal with that, in my opinion, is to find words which do not rise to any intended slur, but assert better information firmlyybut non-aggressively.

I have learned more than I have shared. Even you
The ‘even’ is unnecessary, out of place and implies a sneer, however minimal or unintended.

are valued as a level-headed poster, even when I disagree.
I hope you think that about me whether you agree or disagree. That is where it is important to remember that we are all here on an equal basis.

I do support, however, the unique strain of thoughts that convey a mental format, I.E., imagination.
I think I see what you mean, but it is not clear.

As for now, I am entering my responses to your questions. I notice how much work you have put in to communicate your observations about my entries. If I seem weak-minded, it is because I have to learn to be considerate to other posters.
/well said.

I am taking your questions to heart. Now, I can relax and enjoy the discussion nature of this Forum.
Well, I for one owe a lot to GH. I had started to use he internet – my sons said, ‘Get a computer, Mum.’ I had an lectric typewriter and I said I would do that later – I was still trying to get used to no more focal vision – and then they saidk ‘get a COMPUTEER, Mum!!’
A friend taught me how to e-mail and then, after months of wondering what to look for next, I thought, ;I wonder if Graham Hancock has a web site.’ And found this.
There was quite a bit of back story to this, but it would take too long to go through.

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