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Susan, this response is extremely long, and I will answer each question of yours.

I have not responded recently due to other activity. I posted other things because I am always thinking, something my manager at work says I do too much.

I use caps to emphathize an intent of meaning. It is an old habit that I have used to underline words and phrases when I write on paper. In fact, a first draft of this conversation is on paper.

Yes, worth is subjective, but an emotional livelihood requires a balanced emotional tenet. That is why emphasis is supposed to be an extraordinary feeling of confidence.

I do use analogy a lot. That is because I try to indicate a thought pattern to emphasize a meaning. As for "caring", I do value and sometimes am astonished by the the words used by posters on GHMB.

Yes, "wise words", as you said, are individually discerned as either valuable, or regretful. I admit that some posts are not to my liking, but that is the nature of a discussion board.

I do agree that no one poster has the autonomy to instruct; rather, I do think that some posters are informing with a little attitude. I have been paying attention to that aspect of the boards.

I have learned more than I have shared. Even you are valued as a level-headed poster, even when I disagree. I do support, however, the unique strain of thoughts that convey a mental format, I.E., imagination.

Thankyou for prompting me to consider your words "you have never quite got the point" about this Forum. Indeed, I am yet learning about discussion since I have never previously been involved with discussions previously. As for now, I am entering my responses to your questions. I notice how much work you have put in to communicate your observations about my entries. If I seem weak-minded, it is because I have to learn to be considerate to other posters.

I mentioned "the only game in the whole wide world". That is what I experience everyday at my work, and with significant others. I, indeed, have traveled around the world, and have yet to accomodate those who enter my life, even today. I am daily being confronted with other peoples thoughts.

I used the phrase, "interaction of selves", which I have noticed as the very core of human communications. Some words of others are astonishing to me.

I also have personal response reactions. I remain in a state of consideration of anyone's thoughts that I have been unfamiliar with.

I am taking your questions to heart. Now, I can relax and enjoy the discussion nature of this Forum. Thankyou very much for your observations about my thoughts.

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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