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You posted this OP. It contained questions. I responded thoughtfully.

Did you intend it as a discussion? If so, why have you not responded?

Instead, you have posted two more personal blogs - they cannot be called discussion starters, since the chance that they wil elicit more than one or tworesponses is very unlikely. The evidence for this is easy to see, looking down the list of "topics" started by you.

So I'm going to ask a question here: could the people reading this, please pop in and say?! That might give us regulars an idea of whether this board can still merit a hopeful look every day.


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Re: Relationships..... 137 Itatw70s 18-Nov-18 16:34
Re: Relationships..... 141 Susan Doris 18-Nov-18 18:17
Re: Relationships..... 145 Itatw70s 18-Nov-18 19:38
Re: Relationships..... 272 Susan Doris 19-Nov-18 06:17

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