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This is simple. What are our relationships WORTH? Do we go about neglecting and negating our "others"? Do we "show them" what we're made of? That could be fangs of the snake, or the generous licking of the dog upon our faces.

What shall we do with the others in our lives? Does anybody actually CARE about those who participate on this forum? Are we here to listen to the wisdom of another, or dash them upon the rocks at the shoreline? Do we "instruct" or empathize with the other? Why are we here? To aggrandize ourselves, or to actually learn ANYTHING that appears here?

Why do I care? I care because I have ALWAYS GIVEN MY EAR TO PEOPLE I'VE MET in my life. I have met people on four continents. I know that some are challenged to relate to others. And there are those who have a GOOD TIME relating to others. (I must add that where I live, there are people from the fifth continent, which I have never travelled to). I must add that Antarctica is the sixth continent. I don't count Eurasia as one, but rather two separate continents.

Is this discussion or despair on this forum? What can be made of this precious format of communication? Is it not FAIR to ask if this matter of relationship metamorphize into a very real conversation of what REALLY MATTERS: INTERACTION OF SELVES toward a common goal. To interact with interest and genuine care for the intelligence of the OTHER is the ONLY GAME in this whole wide World!!!! We are estimated by our disposition.

The song I'm listening to right now is "Long, long journey" by Enya. How about THAT!!!! We cannot have a long journey without cooperation and empathy for another vision of life. If we don't SEE, then we don't KNOW what is ahead of us. We could be wrong about our APPROACH toward life and living. Here on the forum it is obviously an EGO TRIP of "personalities", myself included.

Why? Can't there just be everday TALK? About anything? Letters on the viewscreen? Life as it is? Too many questions? How shall we proceed? Is this just a butcher shop of people cutting meat? Or are we civilized and intelligent ABOUT MANY THINGS? I say the latter. My consciousness is just as valid as another's consciousness. It is a sporting game with "teamplayers" on two sides. Any victory belongs to the winning team, not just to any one teamplayer.

Get it?


You should dissolve all discrimination of individuality and absorb all things into a harmonious oneness.
The virtue of a highly evolved being embraces all people and things and dispels the darkness which isolates them.

Hua Hu Ching-primary lesson.

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