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More and more each day I realize that the world I see is not the world I am truly living within and without. It is not there or here. The evidence for me is Puma Punku and Machu Picchu. They show evidence not unlike the whole of Egypt, that there once was on this planet beings of highly advanced and what some call "GOD-LIKE" abilities. They did MAGIC! So our scholars dismiss all the evidence to the contrary as nothing spectacular and continue to sell the company line probably imposed by the Vatican. How dare they sell us massive lies! Some have stated that we are mind prisoners here serving our term deep away from the rest of us on Earth, which is a virtual reality. Well, we think we know that we are made up of atomic pixels and it seems as though we are a broadcast of Life. Who is watching this show?

I see a vast universe out there where I believe the essence of our being and becoming resides and we just irradiate our essence here as little beings trying to become via our stint here in this domain. The universe of things is massive and unending beyond our silly little mental existences. We need to take off the blinders and really expose this great LIE. P.S. MY CAT TOLD ME THIS.


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We Have Been Blinded On What Is Real... 870 Enigcom 14-Nov-18 18:07
Re: We Have Been Blinded On What Is Real... 172 Itatw70s 14-Nov-18 23:11
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