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There are three types of Psychology that have evolved since 1879, when the first wave was begun by Wilhelm M. Wundt in Liepzig, Germany.

The second wave: []

The third wave:

Current Psychology:


I have put this together as a suitable expansion from 1. to 2. and 3.
The current phase IS THE BRAIN ITSELF, rather than mere theory (although Wundt did experiment profusely in his time).

I try to emphasize the most extreme amount of experimental and therapeutic procedures that have been going on since Wundt began in the Nineteenth century. No more philosophy and socio-religious ideas, but serious experimentation all across the board. I am all for it.

Yet ONE QUESTION REMAINS in all of this marvelous knowledge, which is now moving into the brain itself for knowledge gained.

What Makes An Individual Perception so prevalent? Another question:
How will individual autonomy be researched for the purpose of identifying the brain's unique survival instincts as processed in that individual brain?

I ask these two questions because I am confused at HOW PEOPLE FIGHT ONE ANOTHER OVER PERSONAL PERCEPTIONS? This is not a child's playground. This is the DANGEROUS WORLD OF THE ADULT, and ALL that is found in adult society. I simply CANNOT FATHOM THE DISCREPANCIES that Adults ascribe to with all of their fragile human bodily frame. It is very sad that people will go to any lengths to promote their personal perceptions, ABOVE ALL ELSE. I am still capable, TODAY, to assess this social dilemma with a non-sectarian attitude.

I am satisfied with how my life is going, generally speaking. But my paranoia is rudely and roughly tested by people on and off my social interactions. I have done a marvelously strenuous job of controlling my temper for the last two, or more decades.

So, psychology, since high school, has played a role in my "upbringing" through civilization itself. Religion was attempted, but that has passed away. All I do is study and share my interests. But even coworkers do not care at all. I thought a forum would be fun. But I was sadly delusional about internet interaction. It is a hog chasing contest, and the one who catches the hog wins!!!! THAT IS SOUTHERN REALITY where I live!!

See you soon.

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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