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ENERGY--A fundamental Entity of Nature that is transferred between parts of a "system" in the production of PHYSICAL CHANGE within the "system" and usually regarded as the CAPACITY FOR DOING "WORK".

Here, I say, (intelligent acts of influence, like heat, or complexity, or ratio quantities of Force WITHIN that Energy). By ratio, I mean incremental portions of influence by THAT Change in WORK).

Frankly, I see it as being the same way we procede to write our words on paper or screen. We will our influence onto a page with all of our INTENT in order to change the strategy of ENERGY into a particular form of comprehensible language. The SEA of energy is also available to change the projection of wave-intent; whether pure serenity, or raging storm. It is all in the waveform of the graphs. We should understand, by now, our own influence and responsible, intelligent actions as our own input of ENERGY. We are "part of", not "apart from".

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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