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This is true, Ray. I learned about vibrations from the Rosicrucians, a mystery fellowship. It has been rejected by some others on this forum. No matter, since what I gained far outweighs any uncertainty that was already in my disposition. I learned and was successful in the experiments.

Yes, vibrations take up space and yet maintain a frequency. The frequencies are measurable, and have been named: beta, theta and so on. (See link about the conversation), above.

I agree that too much information forces one to analyze and calculate and get bored fast!!

The beautiful and simple experiments allowed me to experience auras, psychic imprints in material, and especially a meditation practice that opened my mind to other realities. That was quite the experience!!!!

I failed to complete the last experiment of the astral plane. Being schizophrenic will not allow myself to take any TRIPS to any out of body experience. I suffer paranoia and can't travel beyond my body in any astral fashion. I can, however, explore my mind's depths with all due diligence. The paranoia is a gate I fear to cross. That's just my nature. There are several stories of people in the Bible who Paul said "were in the body or out of the body". I forgot what book that was in. Maybe the Corinthians?

So, I agree that vibrations take up space. The real question is what causes the vibrations? Information at the level of the most basic structure is capable of synchronized behavior. That is like a handshake or a hug at our level!!

The graphs of the different brainwaves are truly the varying levels of AWARENESS. Now, THAT word implies action. Awareness is the formidable proof of consciousness. To be AWARE is to know, by comparison and reaction to stimuli, and to react to synchronous vibrations (from those states like beta and delta in the brain).

I' m trying to condense the format of vibratory interactions between separate entities of vibration. The MODEL of the introductory topic post, though, more complex, is rationally correct. It just should be more simplified, like sitting by the river and being aware of the sounds, odors, movements, and personal SYNCHING to the experiences. Amazing insights become our thoughts with that kind of synchrony.

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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