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There is you, and there is the other. Everything outside of you is the other.


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Resonant theory of consciousness. 835 Jock 12-Nov-18 00:51
Re: Resonant theory of consciousness. 129 Mo 12-Nov-18 01:10
Re: Resonant theory of consciousness. 141 Jock 12-Nov-18 01:54
Re: Resonant theory of consciousness. 139 Eddie Larry 12-Nov-18 04:08
Re: Resonant theory of consciousness. 138 Enigcom 12-Nov-18 22:43
Interesting, but 143 drrayeye 13-Nov-18 07:15
Re: Interesting, but 127 Itatw70s 14-Nov-18 00:45
Re: Interesting, but 124 Eddie Larry 14-Nov-18 00:49
Re: Interesting, but 123 Itatw70s 14-Nov-18 01:00
Re: Interesting, but 125 Itatw70s 14-Nov-18 01:27
Re: Interesting, but 117 Eddie Larry 14-Nov-18 01:39
Re: Interesting, but 219 Itatw70s 14-Nov-18 01:47

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