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Hi Jock, the article is very interesting. A question I have about resonance is simply what resonates and why? I tend to think of resonance as a property of energy first and matter secondarily.

Consider the forms of energy:

“Some forms of energy (that an object or system can have as a measurable property)
Type of energy Description
Mechanical the sum of macroscopic translational and rotational kinetic and potential energies
Electric potential energy due to or stored in electric fields
Magnetic potential energy due to or stored in magnetic fields
Gravitational potential energy due to or stored in gravitational fields
Chemical potential energy due to chemical bonds
Ionization potential energy that binds an electron to its atom or molecule
Nuclear potential energy that binds nucleons to form the atomic nucleus (and nuclear reactions)
Chromodynamic potential energy that binds quarks to form hadrons
Elastic potential energy due to the deformation of a material (or its container) exhibiting a restorative force
Mechanical wave kinetic and potential energy in an elastic material due to a propagated deformational wave
Sound wave kinetic and potential energy in a fluid due to a sound propagated wave (a particular form of mechanical wave)
Radiant potential energy stored in the fields of propagated by electromagnetic radiation, including light
Rest potential energy due to an object's rest mass
Thermal kinetic energy of the microscopic motion of particles, a form of disordered equivalent of mechanical energy”

The above is from a Wiki []

Considering the types of energy listed above and their descriptions, I suggest considering “resonance “ as a form of energy which infuses mass and ultimately things.

Thus the source or basis on all “consciousness” should, IMHO, be considered the way energy works in our Universe. Hope this helps.

But I love the unity your thinking provides or allows.

PS, zig spent a good bit of time organizing the list above so it would be easy to follow. When I posted this post all my editing was lost. Sorry!

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