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Consider this statement:

"The one set (religion) believe in God without rational proof,
and the other set (materialists) deny the existence of God without rational proof".

I think that explains ALMOST anything having to do with God.

The "almost" is covered in the personal experiences of the Masters. I will venture ahead a little here:

"The Masters are the only men on Earth who possess accurate knowledge of mind, of spirit, and the way of approach to God. And their science, like all other sciences, is based upon ACTUAL individual experience".

Now, "Why should any scientist assume that because he knows NOTHING about God, nothing is known or can be known? This (presumption) is surely not the scientific attitude (which is the study of paradigms in order to access, measure and provide ample dictates that confirm, or critically deny the very existence of God).
Note: One cannot "know" God without the intervention of mind, for it is the mind, no matter what altered state one is afforded as an application of experience, that intuitively and deeply gained personal awareness, can know God as real in whatever mental strain is obvious to the experiencer.

"The knowledge of the Masters is not founded upon hypothesis...They know of God because they have MADE THE EXPERIMENT and have the proof. The Masters know that there is a supreme and all-sustaining one, whose chief attributes are WISDOM, LOVE AND POWER".

"The God of the Masters is not a God invented by metaphysics, nor is He a creation of theological dogma...A listening ear is one of the first qualifications of a genuine seeker after knowledge".

"The reason the Masters know so much more about God than anyone else is because they have fewer limitations than anyone else. Their capacity to know has been vastly increased DURING THE PROCESS OF BECOMING MASTERS".

Finally, "Any man may gain this development and this knowledge, PROVIDED HE HAS THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD of the Masters".

There is a list of Masters, worldwide, on all five continents who are available for the purpose of guidance and invocation of this scientific method.

If you are interested, get the book, The Path of the Masters.

It doesn't matter if you BELIEVE, OR NOT. Only the venture is real. I will not repeat this message.

Uncreated and Uncreatable...
Which neither space nor time touches.

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