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Susan, invoking a "mass extinction" scenario does not alter the magnificent achievement of humankind to alter the very basic code of all life.
You have only to think of the massive problems created by major natural disasters - loss of electricity,. etc etc etc - to realise that to think that people would have equipment stored locally ready for immediate use, and syringes or whatever was necessary to change enough people'[sDNA - and then wait for it to work, to realise that it is you who are not thinking things through. Unless you can show otherwise.

Do you not consider that such knowledge would be protected and distributed among the healthcare professionals so that IF disease, or a stone hits the planet, or even the worst case of a massive war would occur, then there would neccessarily be the technology to render aid when needed?
That's cloud cuckoo land. for a start, long periods of time are required to test changes, many ehical considerations to be taken into account, and who would exert enough power to insist that the world population submit to this probably short-term sticking plaster?
Do you really think that evolutionary biology happens on such short-term scales? It is only with thousands, or millions of years time that it can be shown that a change was selected for naturally.

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