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Susan, here is a link of the CURRENT STATUS of DNA capabilities now on the table of discussion. We are no longer slaves to random mutations. We have come to a place where we can rewrite and re-engineer our basic Code of Life. Take a look at this short article.
I might look later, but again you are missing the point. If a massive extinction event occurred, caused by some meteor or something, to which we, the human species were not adapted to survive, how on earth do you think the scientists would be able to alter the DNA of sufficient numbers of people to give them whatever is needed to survive?

Answering your question, it should be obvious to you who has declared your theme of Atheism, NO BELIEF IN GOD, etc.
there is no such thing as a 'theme of atheism'. I totally lack belief in any God/spirit/etc. For nearly half my life I really believed there was a force/power/God.

As for our role in evolution, see article, above.
I wil come back and edit this post if I look at it.

ETA As I thought, interesting information, but that's just on the edges of society. Think again about what extinction events involve or might involve and yes, such DNA might turn out to be useful to some, but not to a whole species.

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