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Susan, here is a link of the CURRENT STATUS of DNA capabilities now on the table of discussion. We are no longer slaves to random mutations. We have come to a place where we can rewrite and re-engineer our basic Code of Life. Take a look at this short article.

Answering your question, it should be obvious to you who has declared your theme of Atheism, NO BELIEF IN GOD, etc.

As for our role in evolution, see article, above.

I just found this article a few minutes ago. I thought it was relevant to this topic of chaos and order. It looks that you have now been confronted with current science and it's determination to CONTROL HUMAN DESTINY through DNA reconstruction. It means ending sickness as well as other maladies. I am young enough to appreciate the prospects even though I can't actually PAY THE FEE for reconstruction. At least I know that I could END SCHIZOPHRENIA once and for all.

Do what you like with this new information. Changing the DNA code is primarily TAKING CONTROL of evolution. It is now on the table of possibilities. Order has stepped in to shape the future of mankind. DNA manipulation puts humankind in a position to MAKE THE FUTURE without waiting for a sudden change in evolution.

Now, we are set for Reality to be exciting and even fun to live in a new paradigm of existence. Freedom has at last found our way through the thicket of random chaos. We have the technology to fix ourselves. This, I have no doubt.

Here is another article describing how this DNA manipulation works:


Mind and matter are eternally the same

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