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I disagree. You, obviously, have yet to comsider how THOUGHT is paramount in human development.
For a start, you have no idea how much time and thought I have given to this during my life.
And you've missed my point. I was not in any way detracting from how our amazing evolved, natural abilities and the ability to think have enabled us to change the world, but we cannot choose or decide to make random mutations in our DNA, or magically prevent our DNA from
Accidentally making a mistake every now and again when replicating itself. That is beyond our control in terms of the species as a whole. If those natural changes enable us to survive the next step when survival is threatened, then our species will be lucky; or vice versa.


After all, have you not established your own disposition concerning Reality?
What do you mean – please re-state clearly.

Thought IS THE HUMAN SUPERIORITY over other creatures.
That was a lucky chance – the early humans living at the time had nothing directly to do with it. quote]

thus, the pursuit of survival is in the mind of human beings. Why do you think that we DISCUSS those variables to find and set the alternate options of understanding our own role in Evolution?
Define the role you think we actually have in evolution. Medical science has enabled me to live at least thirty years more than would have been my natural life, but that makes no difference to evolution; my sons had already been born years before.


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