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The ENTIRE KEY to evolution is the second contingency: the ROOMS in consciousness are those completed aspects of personal development into a MENTAL AREA of awareness. Whatever that area contains and entails is the very PERSONAL WORK one has done to elaborate oneself in both internal and external interactions. This is a horizontal acclimation of life experiences wherever and with whomever has exchanged their knowledge with oneself.

The STEPS in SPIRIT, whether acknowleged or not, is the very height of greater knowing about ALL ONE HAS ACHIEVED for the capability of being an informed and experienced person with higher knowledge of the, almost, stratospherical awareness of the Mind's full capabilities of planes of mental awareness. The mind is very much like the sky, with varying attitudes of consciousness. Some are clear and Sunny. Some are overcast. Some are stormy. Some are dangerous storms of devastation. Every person is generally affixed to a different degree of mental space and disposition. Here, always, is the tacit evolutionary Natural mental expression of the Higher knowhow that certain folks acquire during their lives.

Evolution has been a personal drive toward completion all along.

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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