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I must say that four contingencies exist to devepment as a Species. Here, first, is an outline:

1. Thoughts ARE random chaos
Evolution is EONS of an orderly timeframe

2. Rooms IN consciousness (horizontal domain)
Steps in SPIRIT (vertical data)

3. Stations IN consciousness (periods of time)
Awareness in ENERGY (levels of mind)

4. Free, otherwise, in misery (default)
Free, otherwise, in bliss (determination)

I must say that, since our thoughts are ever-moving, that we are in random chaos. We cannot stop thoughts altogether. However, the impetus to be in a TREND of evolution is stable, which is EONS (or millions of years) of random movement, in an orderly pattern, which allows every living being to develop in any fashion that displays survival and TRIUMPH over lesser beings, ultimately in order for Humans to become the MASTER race of Earthly creatures.

Now, Rooms (the horizontal expansion) of consciousness is a broadening APPREHENSION toward a continuing step up to greater OUTLINES of spiritual mastery over material existence (which is a vertical movement toward more DATA of awareness); these are the "evolving" parts of LIFE.

Mentally, in images and auditory thoughts, we partake quite personally, of stations of consciousness. That is the PERIODICAL transformation throughout our lives, and also the advancing AWARENESS of more, and more energy LEVELS of mind. We choose, again and again, our OWN ROAD throughout our lives. This, in NO WAY dismisses any help from other people; that is the Human Way.

Ultimately, we are FREE to default ourselves into misery; or, we FREELY determine our bliss in whatever FORM of freedom that we partake of.

Uncreated and Uncreatable...
Which neither space nor time touches.

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