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Yes, the world times! I have several apps for that. I always wonder if some of you stay up at night, since you reply so quickly. Of course, I don't always know where you are. Susan is in England, so there is a time delay there. My sister was too, it was important when I phoned her. But now she is dead. I have not heard from her since just after her funeral! :) -give her time. She might be looking over my shoulder while I am writing!

Coffee: Nice with newly ground beans, brewed the correct way = never boiled. But I think that is what the various machines do, so I use Nescafé. It smells nice too, but I have to have cream in it, not thick, a special one we can buy, just right. No sugar, thanks.
Now for the heated argument over coffee! No - what is the point? My second cup is also cold. So it is back to the microwave, then some porridge, also made in the microwave, with a lid on, so it does not splutter. That way, cooked in the bowl, it does not stick to any saucepan.

The time is now 10:53 AM (daylight saving) here and I am still in my nightie. Disgusting.

Itatw70s Wrote:
> My coffee is brewed but it takes about 20 minutes,
> very slow. I like the strong brews from South
> America, which I get infrequently at the stores.
> It must be morning where you are, it is evening
> here. Don't you love the "Time Confusion"? I
> actually got an app for world time, so I can know
> yours and others time zones.

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