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It is a wonderful hobby, and several of my friends are doing it.
However, if they go and do it with others, weekly often, they end up with a great many paintings, some of which get framed, others not. Then they have to store them all, somewhere, the ones not sold at local art shows (few get sold, some....). Maybe Xmas gifts for family, but where to put THEM? If you already have your walls organised so it looks best, a new, gifted painting can become a problem. I have no more space on my walls, and not a socket free for more electrical goods, so I use power boards.

I did some charcoal drawings l o n g time ago, and just a few are on some walls, but now the music has taken over as a much easier hobby, space wise. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of written music and books, but shelves are easier for storing than walls! Although, I do have a few chair full of music as well.



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