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I took my painting to an art store. There was no interest in it. I basically don't have a drive to promote my art, since the '70's. It is yours to enjoy. I have seen much better art than my own, where the precision of imagery was almost photographic in nature. My art was always a STATEMENT of an opinion. I have a beautiful piece of art from a student who traded with me. As I said, I make a statement in my formats. I had a picture of some grapes, in which I had one grape separate from the bunch. I called it " The birth of a grape". The trader now owns that painting.

When I brought another pic to work with me at another job in the past, one of the employees took it home with them. I don't mind being generous and have given away a few. I kept my favorites.

Uncreated and Uncreatable...
Which neither space nor time touches.

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