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Now we are at it- : I have a great many creations myself inside and out. It does not matter what, as I cannot show them here anyway.
But with me being old, I know it will not be too long before I and my creations will have to part, one way or the other. If I die suddenly or nearly suddenly, it will be easy for me, but more bothersome for my son, but I am sure he will somehow manage.
If I have to demolish everything first myself, before I snuff it, it will be more painful, for me.

But that is only little me.

Think of the whole world with all its "treasures". It will all go sooner or later. The Taj Mahal was built for a very much loved wife, then she died! What a shame! Such a waste, especially since some of the builders got killed after the completion, so they could not go and copy it later. So the story goes.

The world is full of abandoned buildings. Carefully designed by architects, who studied hard to become architects. Now maybe a few rats or sparrows can use the buildings as nests. Sometimes homeless people too, but so much wasted space.

On TV is a series about such old buildings in England, and we get to go through all these spooky places. Some were used in war time, others as hospitals or prisons. All built with pride, I am sure, and used for a good while, but what happens to them now? Too expensive to tear them down?

Then, what about the statues from old Greece or Rome? The ones without arms and noses?

And my month old daffodils! The flowers dead, the stalks still green. The stalks should be left till they die. Not cut before that, I read.

My hair which was cut recently at the hairdresser. Now residing at some tip.

We must live in the now, so we are told. So true, my coffee is going cold while I muse over life and death.



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