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I did notice the city buildings at the left edge. Most of us, when seeing a painting for the first time either like it or not, sometimes just wondering.

With landscapes in the traditional style, what could there be to understand? The painter simply liked the look of it, and not using a camera, painted it instead of.

Abstracts are different. The painter and the other people looking at them could get the "meaning" completely different, but all still be "right".
That is why I don't like art critic too much. They do get paid for saying all these things, though, that is their job!

And isn't it ridiculous how some paintings are worth fortunes, just because they are old? The painter long dead, can't make any more, so their paintings are worth fortunes.
Also, big discussions of possible fakes. Literally put under microscopes. Well, if a painting is so good that it is first assumed a famous painter made it, and thus "worth" a fortune, but then later discovered to be a fake, then all of a sudden it is worthless. But it still looks the same, and is pleasing to many.

So, I myself take little notice of art critic, if I like it, I like it. End of story for me.

The art world of course is different, they have made it into a living, a money matter. The now famous painters were very often so poor, that they were cold and starving.

People who make any type of art their living, they have to be extremely good, and extremely lucky as well.

I myself prefer a money making "normal" job and then some art or music or whatever, as a hobby. That way you can enjoy what turns you on. Not depend on it for a living.

Actually, isn't that the same case with many sports?

I have kept your painting on my iPad, is that OK with you? If not, I will remove it.

It is pleasing to me.


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