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Interpretation; to "explain the meaning of".

Philosophy; loosely translated as "Dear Wisdom".

So, it is the "meaning" of a statement of ANY subjectively "confirmed" ideology that is in question here?

For example, I have a painting that I made in High School, here:


What, then, could be the interpretation of this painting? In fact, what is the most likely interpretation of ANY SUBJECT?

If a person has a moment of CLARITY, and then proceeds to define a meaning to THAT CONCEPTION, what, then, is another person to think of THAT subjective definition?

Any definition is a personal philosophy and very much the near and "dear wisdom" of that person's ideology. There is NO SUBSTITUTE PHILOSOPHY that can alter a personal definition. It is NATURAL and PRIMARY to have a most peculiar, personal definition. To aggravate against such a personal philosophy is to rail against any person's philosophy in tandem with that person's experience. It is a form of "psychic attack" which Dion Fortune explained in her book, "Psychic Self Defense". The psyche, or mind, is threatened by an opposing clarification wrought by some other mind. This, then, creates animosity between two contradictory viewpoints, and such animosity continues if, and only if, the defender consigns their primacy of BEINGNESS to the opponent which, supposedly, has a greater proposition.

This, then, is a very SAD confirmation of defeat to a more contrived constitution of will and theory. The lesser mind contorts into a slave mentality.

This should NOT HAPPEN. It takes courage and fortitude to stay the course of one's definition of personal experience, no matter who designs an opposing philosophy.

Uncreated and Uncreatable...
Which neither space nor time touches.

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