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Be nice to the messenger of a greater reality. Lao Tsu was ASKED TO CONVEY HIS TEACHING; so he did. I see his truth as a mighty message that words are not the real Way: only AWARENESS AND COMMITMENT are true. And does not every one of us convey our awareness and commitment to others?

That alone is an EXCELLENCE of personal communication. How we talk is conveyed through our words of commitment. Others become aware of our percepts and folly. So, the Game continues.

Wouldn't it be well if we just projected our feelings; and that would be enough to convey the actual awareness?

Actually, the feelings would be conveyed by imagery, just like when the ancients told and wrote myths to convey their perceptions. That is the purest form of communication. Consider dreams, are they not mostly imagery and some "talk" in some instances? Now what can be illuminated from here? The Only Dance There Is, (Ram Dass), says that whole structure in the Name of his book. Chill, and be chilled. It is Reality that speaks to us, more or less. What else could possibly be implied from this viewpoint? Only that talk is talk; and walk is walk.

There we are!!!

Uncreated and Uncreatable...
Which neither space nor time touches.

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