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This topic is a look at the new Mysterian concept of the dualist nature of some people to describe consciousness as both hard and yet to be revealed by SOMEONE with an explanation for the, both knowable, as well as the unknowable aspects of consciousness.

Here is a link to that group of dualists:


Now, a dualist allows both the SUBJECTIVE along side the OBJECTIVE points of view.

I got this information from Patrick Grim on The Great Courses, which I have mentioned before.


Here is a very important video that correlates directly with the trio of



And Materialism.

These are the very first Features of Patrick Grim's lecture on The Mind-Body lecture from the Great Courses:


Quote, Immanuel Kant:

"Concepts without percepts are empty,
percepts without concepts are blind".

A concept is all subjective mind,
a percept is all objective perception.

These two are mutually combined in an Experiential disposition. Today's scientist MUST allow Philosophy to have as much to say about the Mind and Reality, the subjective terrain of consciousness, as does the rigorous objective research of science. These two are quintessential partners in the future of Metaphysical Science that confronts the present day scientist. No quarter of the Field is excepted in this New companionship between the two sides of Mind and Matter; together at last to forge a new frontier of investigation that CANNOT BE IGNORED EVER AGAIN. This is not the early 20th century physics or neurological apprehensions that kept the Mysterious out of the equation. It is the right time to be Alive, since scientists are reintroducing metaphysics back into the fold of theoretical physics and neurological studies which will show us the Real Truth of Life in this Cosmos.

Uncreated and Uncreatable...
Which neither space nor time touches.

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