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AI will end our part of this game. The Speed factor is about to erase our mental abilities...


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Seriously? 467 Itatw70s 30-Oct-18 00:09
Re: Seriously? 84 greengirl5 30-Oct-18 02:37
Re: Seriously? 88 Susan Doris 30-Oct-18 06:15
Re: Seriously? 90 Itatw70s 30-Oct-18 11:39
Re: Seriously? 100 jazzmumbles 31-Oct-18 23:06
Re: Seriously? 81 greengirl5 01-Nov-18 03:17
Re: Seriously? 74 Susan Doris 01-Nov-18 05:49
Re: Seriously? 81 greengirl5 01-Nov-18 10:12
Re: Seriously? 82 Itatw70s 01-Nov-18 11:33
Re: Seriously? 79 greengirl5 01-Nov-18 22:04
Re: Seriously? 75 Itatw70s 02-Nov-18 12:05
Re: Seriously? 73 greengirl5 02-Nov-18 23:07
Re: Seriously? 148 Enigcom 02-Nov-18 23:25

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