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I realize that I am a so-called misfit here on GHMB. Even though I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, I find that there is an impossible barrier between myself and the usual people here. Perhaps none of you good folks could not digest my main objective here; the truth about IMAGINATION. Yes, I have a vivid and compelling imagination (without medication). Lately, I have been given a reprieve from the outlandish hallucinations, (I feel like a zombie). That's right, I am subdued by modern pharmaceuticals. The only two aspects of my mind are the Ego and the Persona nowadays. I dream voraciously at night; but this morning when the alarm went off, I IMMEDIATELY entered this reality, and the dreams disappeared.

I have read the posts and "discussions" on the Honesty thread. I am not interested in who is right and who is wrong. I have traversed the alternate realities of an imaginative mind during my youthful escapades. That is true and factual. I don't expect ANYONE here to comprehend my journeys into the subconscious and superconscious and the almost SHAMANIC STATE of the Dreamtime, as has been recorded by Native peoples all over the world; Asia, North, Central and South America. I don't expect ANYTHING to matter about my past. It happened, and that's all there is to it. No one's opinion can change the past of my "Wild Days".

I live, today, like a NORMAL PERSON does. That is my objective on this Forum: to tell the truth of this person's life. I cannot veer off to a rational explanation of all that I went through. I can only, CONTINUOUSLY report that IMAGINATION is alive and well. It is actually beyond the reach of my little ego and my lousy persona. I have only ONE MESSAGE; take my lessons and realize that MANY PEOPLE are journeying the Alternate Realities, no matter what ANYONE says. If you have NOT BEEN THERE, THEN YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SAY, since you have NEVER BEEN where I've been.

Let's be reasonable; I very well KNOW that my posts are almost excluded from the nominal influence of the normal people here. I thank anyone who communicates with me, but I am not holding my breath. I am not normal. There are a lot of schizophrenics, but we live a marginal life. We are accustomed to being dealt with as misfits in Society. Even my family treated me differently when I was a child. In school I was flunked twice, because I just didn't GET THE PROGRAM of learning. I was in my own head and on the outside of any rational pursuits that an education could provide. I tended toward Art since I could apply self therapy to my designs ( I know that today, not then).

So, I just ordered another course on Mind Body Philosophy, which should proove valuable to me. I like any teaching about the mind. Ultimately, the mind is our only true POSSESSION; every material thing is near to nothing at all. The mind is my Game here. I have no other agenda. Truth is in the perception of a Reality, and I have seen all of your realities as each of you has described eloquently.

Susan, your vision of a rational society will take as long as it is necessary to GET A GRIP ON FACTUAL FACTS. By this I mean that only a rational mind can comprehend a rational viewpoint. You can't force feed sanity to rebels and adventurers. Everyone must be themselves.

I truly do understand your heartbreak about so many wild minds, who have yet to analyze the material that passes as truth. Wild minds must be disenchanted with fantasies IN THEIR OWN TIME. I know that imagination is NO DIFFERENT THAN ANY NIGHTTIME DREAM. It is a PERCEPTION, just like a hallucination. It only has value to the person who has them.

I myself have become disenchanted with the extravagant ideas of conscious, unconscious and superconscious minds. If you have EVER read Barbara Hand Clow, or Sylvia Brown, and others like them, then you would have written a personal letter telling them that they are delusional. The fact is, these kinds of escapades have been going on for Thousands of Years. That is not an easy task to change in a few short living years. Yet, you must go on with your message.

Gerda, dear friend, I am not distinguishing your experiences as abnormal. Actually, you are in good company because more people think like you do than those who think like Susan. It is, what we call at my workplace, a Circus. I watch two members of our staff bad-mouth each other, with foul language. I have no opinion about it, just that I hope some new customer will not be offended. I really don't care one way or the other; they will continue everyday just as they are. I am not in this life to change people, only to say my little opinion about inner happiness, which requires a LOT OF WORK.

Now, at this juncture, I have to say that the most influence that has informed me here on GHMB are those who actually communicated WITH ME, not just AT ME. Eddie, Ray, Poster boy, Ron Cook and anyone who was talking about the subjects at hand, or just saying their peace of mind. Thankyou, and I hope this can continue to an inspirational outcome. If there were no new thoughts, then I would not participate for very long.

OK, I've had my say. See you later.

If anyone wants to make this a discussion, then I should suggest RELEVANCY as a topic. People do matter, no matter how different they are.

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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