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Ask, knock, seek--the three verbs of ACTION.

1. Ask your conscious mind to go beyond the Comfort Zone of a "settled" mind. To be settled is to be nearer to a death state of mind. Now is the time to dig into your unconscious mind for the treasures within.

2. Knock the locked door down into your subconscious mind. Hidden truths exist within. The attitude and intention of "discovery" is in your efforts to excavate the truths within.

3. Seek the innermost mysteries of your consciousness, hidden in the subconscious mind. Never rest on your laurels; always WORK to uncover your vast treasury of awareness, imagery, memories, inspirations and most of your guiding principles of Being.

It is work for which we have been born. Civilization can only provide the facts, as known, and the tools of "recovery", which are the weapons of reconstitution and the articles of reconsideration of Reality. Do you really trust everything that Civilization has "taught" you? Do you not know that humans are born "for work"?

I was told, in 1983, quite flatly that, "You are not doing the work"; that I am required to sublimate myself to a true "civilization" of informed, enhanced and integrated human beings. All "forces" of power are to divert uncivilized behavior; that's right--"All". Yet, control is itself not necessarily human. To be Human is to capitalize on the "Internal Affair" of Being the greatest version of yourself that is personally possible.

That's why "seek" is the very reformation of oneself that has the problem of a type of consciousness that reverts to a compliant and compromising condition. It is laziness, at most; but confusion gets in the way of clarity of purpose and of personal achievement. To achieve complete comprehension is to have crossed the bridge between ignorance and a "found" condition of realization.

Ask, knock, seek: you will be rewarded with true knowledge of your purpose, due only to one's own internal research. It is the only way to go, since one's own mind has answers to one's own questions. The outer world is "suggestive", not conclusive. One's own mind has the solutions to problematical situations, in and out of the mind.

Let's not "dumb-down" by repetitious habits that stagnate one's inner research. Do the work. The climb to the top of the heap of human indeologies that hinder and do not help the searcher to reach the goal of wholeness, is the fundamental work of all ages and places.

Again, here, the "outer" is suggestive. You already have your agenda. I will see you when it is all complete.

You should dissolve all discrimination of individuality and absorb all things into a harmonious oneness.
The virtue of a highly evolved being embraces all people and things and dispels the darkness which isolates them.

Hua Hu Ching-primary lesson.

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