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Yes, Susan. I have noticed. I come up with a valid concept that could be debatable. And yet, why do I rack my brain about inconsistencies on the "supposed" facts that should not be taken at face value, yet no debate? Why should ANYBODY revert to a high school curriculum of uncontested ideologies that need to be addressed? But no, nothing happens. I work real hard to perceive things at a different perspective.

In my opinion, the Big Bang is the most VIOLENT concept to date. It really does not convince me that such an event should be taken seriously at all. It is just another "Creator/created" concept to replace the Bible record. For that matter, who REALLY KNOWS the true status of the Universe? The evidence in the red/blue shift phenomena is more than enough testimony to have me to raise the question: "Is the Universe eternal?" Maybe no one wants to discuss such an idea, which is just as palatable as the Big Bang and Creation science, both which are not fully investigated by any means.
The blue shift phenomenon is a very considerable asset to science, since it implies a stable environment.

Anyways, none of us will ever know for sure. Will we?


To be honest, I have read that much of physics is done through mathematical equations. That, plus observable facts, like the blue shift, should connect the dots to a more plausible formula of the Cosmos.

Not that I care for higher mathematics, I see that the formulas are supposed to support and correlate the physical findings: thus the word "physics".


Mind and matter are eternally the same

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