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Don’t shoot the messenger and that’s all I am, why I don’t know. I was more interested in the after life. And randomly started asking questions on other subjects. The Sphinx and Pyramid’s being one of interest. I didn’t just find out in an hour and report on this site their answers. I think I was being directed or manipulated to find out, it really has been bizarre to say the least. Skeptical of course who wouldn’t be, but believe them I do. I’m an average person living an ordinary life.
The world works in mysterious ways, last Sunday I past by a garage sale and called in as I love them. I was stunned to see many books on Eqypt along with dozens of granite Egyptian figurines. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Every garage sale I find one item relating to Egypt in the last few months.
At the end of the day does it make a difference to me how old they are or how they got there, no it does not. But I do think we can learn how they were utilised and still being used today but not on our current time line.

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