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Hi Graham, I hope this message finds you and your family well.
I would like to state first and foremost that I have no physic powers, nor to do I have a degree in Science. But I do have fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it the ability to communicate to the Gods of which there are 45 on Realm 12 in what we call Heaven.
And they have given me permission and have seriously urged me to get in touch with those who are seriously interested in the mechanics of the Cosmos. Whilst I know the dimensions within Heaven of which there are 8 and how we develop through these dimensions by living many life times here on Earth I just want to advise the age of the Pyramids of which there are 22 along the Nile in Egypt And whilst I am not an authority on Egypt itself but I know how they came to be there. I have advised them that I would never be believed but any questions you may have that would be over my head will be gladly answered by them if they are asked. So here goes:-
1. The Sphinx is a lion but has the face of a female god who is black, the only female God that is black.
2. The Sphinx is 2 billion years old, yes you read it right! She was transported here in whole and placed exactly to the enth degree where she is today. Her placement at first was a mapping point, nothing more.
3. The Giza pyramids were placed again in whole, transported 1.191 billion years ago. The larger pyramid had the square holes in the both the so called King and Queen chambers simply to align the pyramid correctly, hence why they were eventually covered over. With the two others interior viewing holes were not needed as they had the first already in place to align the others and so forth. They were also mapping points but more importantly they were simply put, Power Stations that transmitted sound/energy bands of waves some considerable distance many million of light years into the Cosmos.
3. They are still in use to this day but on a different parallel. The past present and future are concurrent. Each parallel is 72 earth years, so there are an extraordinary number of parallel’s to say the least.
4. So yes it was the God’s that brought them.
5. No pharaoh’s were ever God’s even though they thought they were.
An example King Tut is still incarnating and is on Dimension 1, which is the lowest but has 45 planes within to overcome before you enter Dimension 2.
I think that is enough information to absorb or disregard.
Kind regards Julie

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