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Loving mind is like loving kundalini. Thoth loved kundalini and the power of this but the qualities and abilities of the light of experiencing are of a completely different dimension to kundalini or the mind. These qualities and abilities are available to everyone regardless of the mind or kundalini.

It is in the care and attention that one brings to the little things in life that produce the learning that results in these qualities and abilities. This is for everyone and so one need not develop concentration because that is of the self and actually restricts that care and attention and awareness that comes naturally. Will is of the self but passion is divine. Resolving past trauma will naturally raise kundalini as the emotional blockages are cleared. Some of this past trauma is part of all of us and is the result of the cataclysms that our ancestors endured.

Simply understanding that the light of experiencing is actually the stuff of god changes everything.

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