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Light is above mind. Light, as the light of consciousness, or more correctly, the light of experiencing, is beyond time. As such the result of any action is known by light instantly, with no mind needed to be involved.

Mind is valuable to determine which action. But this only speeds up the process as light could get there alone just by random production of action and seeing which result has value, value which is determined by light and not by mind. Thus light has intelligence but this is non-physical compared with mind which is basically physical. Thus light and it's intelligence is primal and produced mind, seeing the efficiency of such a mind.

Do not mix the generator of thought with the experiencing of such a thought, for it is the generator that is mind and it is physical, a fine physicality but not non-physical or spiritual. Maybe this mind can access the future in crude physical terms but it will always be secondary to light, the light of experiencing.


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