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It is hilarious that I was captured and conditioned to accept an Organized religious panoply of a Fundamentalist ideology when I was younger. I did not learn much from that environment. Only when I began to search out more knowledge, did I come to a place of struggle within myself. I went through panic, then disbelief, then curiosity and gradually came to myself about everything I ever learnt. It is only recently I have come to terms with the chaos of knowledge. Even the book of Proverbs says that knowledge brings grief. But it did not say why!! I now know why: it is because I have accepted initiation, which is a death and later, rebirth. I suffered the death throes for years. Today, I am cleaning up the mess in my mind, like housework. I am as open-minded as I can possibly be, right now. As long as I remember that knowledge is suggestive, not absolute, then, and only then will I be transfered to a higher state of Mind. The One Mind is all, no matter which words one uses to describe it. It truly is Universal, and every culture has a version of it, in so many words.



I apologize for the commercials.

Great songs!!!

One of my favorite songs:


Until one responds to the Calling
One remains a seed as yet to germinate
And florish. A seed is a potential forest, in due time. What shall one do to begin?

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