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Ron, as usual, you present a potential revelation of how the mind operates. Good for you and those who understand the focus of your messages. Light-mind are equal partners of reality. No other explanation is needed.

The most interesting part of your description is the ALL, or God mindedness. It is always derived from past , present and future. The One is paramount, no matter what culture one finds oneself. I am consistent in the God mindedness, even though I have stepped back to see a vision of Oneness that has yet to be found in God mindedness. I take the simple facts of this world to estimate the CONDITION of Mind, as it actually exists in the Now. I can only verify the peripheral traits of the Cosmos. That is magnificent and without parallel in any book or opinion. The light and the Sun are synonymous with all truth. Metaphysical condensations of truth must contain the light of a higher source, no matter what the outcome of ideology. God is verified in the mind more than the environment. God is the prime mover over all. Yet, the fact of God is only a personal adventure, not a social event.

Organizations that perform the God presence are yet to experience the Prime Mover as total wish fulfilment. I see that it is a relevant statement of origin and purpose. I veer only in the details of fabricated ideas about God. I see the magnificence of God in the infinitesimal design of all.

Let that be the primordial message of all cave drawings and historical documents, whether many gods or one God are previewed as total in reality. The MUST is the AWARENESS of the Completeness of all, an answer to all questions.

Uncreated and Uncreatable...
Which neither space nor time touches.

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