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Sounds good, so stop all that regretting!

I could regret too, but thinking things over and over, I can see why I did everything I did. The smart things and not so smart.

Unless we have the money and courage to find a genuine, good past life regressionist we will have to guess what could be the reason why we are what we are today.

By trying our best now, it hopefully will be better next time round.

Cheer up!


Itatw70s Wrote:
> Realization for me is sadness that I failed as a
> young man to grow up to a reasoable person. Today,
> as I have learned, I strive to be genuine and
> sensible. I was not happy in my youth and didn't
> come around until I was about 25 years younger
> than the present.
> Regrets can kill the spirit of hope and grace.
> Meanwhile, I continue to search and research
> consciousness and spend a lot on brain/mind
> knowledge in order to get a source of
> rehabilitation upon my psyche.
> I have much to pass over at this time in my life.
> I am diligently doing my utmost to be usefull and
> content in my living. I am not what I do, but what
> I think. That is always true for anyone. This, of
> course means doing civilized behavior and thinking
> compassion for others. It is a real challenge to
> pass over the useless garbage of youthfulness.
> I am happy for the efforts I do to be reasonable
> and compassionate AS WELL AS I CAN DO.
> Just for today is what I learned in the 12-step
> program. It allows me to focus on the essentials
> of this day.

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