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In both ends! You can't be created and then become eternal. Or can you?
The ones who believe in the Big Bang think there was a beginning, and maybe also an end. But that is the physical stuff, not consciousness.

We will find out one way or the other.

I am not worried! :)


Enigcom Wrote:
> I believe I have been here in Time/Space forever.
> I have never died and will always be. I am a soul
> who can transform into any form I am qualified to
> inhabit. I do not believe in death as presently
> used to leverage the fellow minds of those who
> think they die. We come in, move about and
> experience this domain and then, when our systems
> wear out — we return to our former state. That
> state is the fabric of this universe, the
> collective mind which is capable of being
> multifaceted and exist independently from other
> states. If one meditates, they may see their other
> experiences, which manifest in our dreams every
> night. We are extremely complex and have many
> unused capabilities beyond what we are sold.

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