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The fragmentation arises from your own unhappiness at your message not being taken seriously, and my uncertainty that my message was confusing someone reading it, and their feeling as though they were heading into deep waters and not knowing if they were going to sink or swim.

All we have participating are us three...left to our own devices. You are offering installments of a story couched in the drama of existence and its cycle of existing in the universe, put in a tale just like all manner of tales in all manner of genres and all manner of dramas that make the tale. I know I was also. I think Tom was too.

I once said 'Convince me', and you offer instead a tale of natural or unnatural effects circumventing the existence of a species who have to go out of their way to make sure they continue existing. I was offering a genuine acceptance of life unfolding and making the best out of a bad situation before death takes hold, no matter what something may do to alter that natural comes down to what the person themself does to make the best of themself they can by immersing themself into their surroundings...and knowing reality from a dream.

My 'conspiracy' is someone else's pov of what a life cycle is couched in, when it is so very simple and unfolding in its own particular way according to the niche it holds in existence. No two life cycles are the same, and yours is different to mine: mine accepts mortality. Yours seeks to overcome it.

Those are the themes of our 'tales'.

Mine offers up personal experiences - accept telling the professor that he told me something in the future when all I did was compare what he was saying to a water drop coming out of the ocean and going back into it, and then him trying to take the same drop out of the ocean again, and where I got that from as a six year old is beyond me, but such is life. My tale-episodes would have had such experiences, all the way to a certain point where the tale needs more because a hypothetical 'Antarctica' and its split occurs because of your species seeking a means to continue its existence, and ends up harming the planet instead, to such an extent that everyone has to alter how they live in order to survive in a new world. Ah, but progress and artifacts show there is something 'out there' and a means to get 'there' to find out what the actual origin is instead of just hypothesis. Yes...I have one of your own characters implementing a back-up plan because there is one fault in your story: you made it, and characters always create their own story where the writer isn't paying attention.

You're on Inner Space, Ron. Folk would have enjoyed your story on the Misc board, and let you write it and made nice comments now and then as your story unfolded. But here? Of course it was going to come to end soon enough, and only you could end it. All it takes is something you never saw coming to make you end it.

That's called 'something in the wind', Ron. Hmm...maybe you haven't strayed away from the title at all...maybe the title just took on a new meaning...who 'created' the words 'Zep Tepi'?

And what do they mean to those who created it?

They certainly mean an interpretation or translation of the cycles of various things in existence...not to circumvent them but to mimic them in order to show reverence and appreciation by creating a few versions of the one thing as defined in the very life cycle of mankind: providence of ancestral lineage to conceive a life that lives until death, and then on into the great reconstitution of nothingness that all things arise from.

I know I posted about the mindset of the ancient Egyptians and what the basis of Zep Tepi is and how they created various dramas to describe the universe, the sun and celestial landscape, various gods in their realm, and what a Pharaoh does in mimicking those cycles in his own drama. If you want to create a drama about the Shemshu Hor, go right's just another story atop those already in place. You'd be better off knowing what you are retelling though. The Shemshu Hor are very much 'the followers of Horus'...much like folk who are sunworshippers or adorers of a certain planet or star or king or queen. A 'fantastic weapon' is a spear to someone who throws stones...or a chariot and horse to someone who has a dog.

'Magic' is turning on a tap to get water compared to someone who goes to a river with a bucket.

You know yourself...everything can be just comes down to the explanation...and whether the right words are used or just an example:

"How did 'I' do 'that'?"

The same way I always do it. You wanna see another one?

(I hope this came out right...I kinda know what I am doing...I just never know why...and the characters in your story are your creations, your characters, your scenes they play out in. Right now, I'm off to get ready to go see my friend Stuart and rake the leaves off his lawns. We have had lots of wet these past few weeks and his wheel chair doesn't do well in soggy grass.)


The ravages of war slowly give way to nature's wonders.

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