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The view of the Shema's pilot screen becomes filled with the lush greenery of the vast lands which extends outward to the official research area hidden outward from the mountain bases. Then the great waters of the world ocean blanks out all evidence of anything that looks like grounded potential. For a duration there is nothing but hydra. The ocean world spreads as if there were no land on this planet. Speed is the only cure for the shielding of the eyes during this segment of the flight until after a long expanse the Great Valley Region appears with the tallest point of a collection of beautiful assemblages of a city scape greets the eye. The landing pyramids of reception for Shema's dot the landingscape below. There were hundreds of landing points situated in orderly fashion and each in appropriate coloration due to station of the importance granted to the Brother or Sister. Jomon's was close to the top in a blazing yellow. All the sites for landingscape were situated around the uppermost mount of the valley's high point. The grand Pyramidal structure with thousands of columns circulated around the grand meeting hall was of impeccable beauty gleaming forth as if a supernova. The great crystal sat above the top of the pyramid shining forth the energy necessary to provide every need of the sector of this section of the planet. It was a wonder to behold.

As Jomon and his crew stepped from the Shema, they were greeted by his old friend and colleague Koanor for whom he had a mutual learning past held in the days of matriculation. They had learned and taught each other for many orbits in the earliest days of their youth. It was good to see that same face he had grown up with from his fifth orbit on this planet. When they were little and excited about life and all its potential. Koanor's hair was no longer red as Jomon's was far and away no longer even there. Yet, they were both reconstituted long ago to live now for over 300 orbits.

Jomon; Hail Koanor, my brother in life. I have indeed missed your silly face and worse your laughter at your own jokes about me. It is so good to see you waiting for me here at this hastily called meeting of the Brotherhood. This occasion is even worse with you here to cause me to remember my life and times on this old planet. Pardon my laughter. Lay it on me, I am ready for anything.

Koanor; Pardon me sir, have you seen my research partner who was due to attend this forum from your territory's sector? You would recognize him from his old gray hair and abrupt pug nose hung on a massively overweight carrier. Oh, I am sorry Jomon, I did not see you for your crew stepping in the way. I would laugh if I could, but your butt proceeds your body. Indeed, it is so good to see my old, old brother in friendship. Come and embrace my stout body in friendship.

The two walk off the hundreds of pyramid shafts and descend to the moving causeways connected to all the landing/departure connectors present at the place ports to catch the speed-carriers to the central gathering posts where the meeting of the Brotherhood men and women was to be held. The central gathering structure rose like a massive mount nestled in the beautiful valley scene full of the great, giant reds and white columned porches to the primary site. All was beauty to the highest of human capability. The interlacing of the builded structures and the flora natures was seamless. All were mathematically created by foresight from the automatically derived planning inherent with the genetic parameters set for this sector of the system.

The trek to this favorite site was a joy for Jomon who had been a part of the planning of the constructed realm where Mind dwelled in unison with the mathematics of the Universe.

Jomon was at the top of his field and was destined to be associated with the circular pod structures all situated above the threshold stage’s visual holospirited offering to impact the understanding of each presenting official. Koanor was next to Jomon in his pod and all appeared in a structure not unlike the very genetic symbolic form that all creative practitioners of the craft knew, ruled their existence in Time/Space.

Jomon and Koanor could see each other in adjacent
Fashion due to the location of their pods which were located near the presenting orb/s. The Gadian Presenters were the prime speakers and administrators of the Planet’s upper governing body. They were situated in gathering groups at medium height in the massive conference complex. Most viewship came to each pod participant as a holospirited, graphic presentation whereby personal interaction was possible in vicarious forms. That being, one was able to ask questions in absent reality via a mental projection into the future in alternative realms. If possible, questions would feed to the presenter’s monitor, headhunted whereby he could determine a series of answers based on his personal past history as a thinker. The pod gave the viewer the ability to review all past history of the presenter as the process was ongoing in order to get up to speed on any facet of the process of showing data. Information was intended to be precise and robust so there would be no question of the integrity of the data presented.

All parameters of communications information was considered in the interface of data transfer between the presenters and the receivers. If questions occurred, they were to be answered in all possible ways. Open-ended or unknown data was presented in all alternative possibilities via the computational devices ability to speculate.

Soon the process would begin and Jomon was ready to listen to the newest information on the state of the planet, but first the historical introduction was necessary to position the proper departure for the newest presentations. The Historia would step forward. It was almost old to the spirit for all to undergo the boring aspect of the well known regurgitation of the same old messages of who and where we came from to be so blessed to be where we are now.

And now it comes: The History of our being: Historia; She who knows the ancient times of our stay on this planet steps up to bring all the new minds up to date with our trek on this world. It is a bore to most of the old brotherhood but it must be done for we will not forget our stay here lest we fall behind as others have we are told. We are most ancient travelers, explorers of the realms of this manifestation of being to become.

Historia; We are the elementals of this sector of the Pattern — the Portal, the total of the mindful thinker whereby a footstep can be present here in Physicality. We came here long ago focusing on this planet and set up our echelon whereby mindful touching can occur. Long has it been that we came to this sector of the universe. It is said that we fell to this planet from those worlds that were destroyed in a holocaust of Evil. Records were once kept of those days of moving from one planet to the next and the durations it took for the few of us to escape to this unstable world we now occupy. Very old records say this world once was the food source for all the other worlds of the Solar Sectors. As our records are extremely ancient and so few of us were able to populate this planet, we can never be sure of the truth of these records.

The Most Ancient History of Life in Eternal Space!

We have always been and will ever be in the content and context of Being and Becoming. It is a Knowing in our deepest transfers of Mental Expression — we are more! There is no such state as death only aspectual change is our constant! There are those of us who seek through the Selfish Leverage to establish an island in physicality as the Little God, so as to rule through ignorance! To do this is to war with our own self. It is our mission that we convey, cohesion or Love. It is through that state that we create a universal issuance through a coherency. MIND is One of multifaceted capability in a Holo-particle universe! This realm of the Moire Arena or Matrix is filled with a multitude of Dimensional Presences of The Always State via the multitudes of refined complexity! All is manifest in the electromagnetic spectrum the Eternal broadcast. We are the elementals that ride our own Light and through the Light we mentally create through the reiteration of the tree’s expressions. Our True God is the issuer of One Mind to which we all belong. We breathe the Light and move in unison with its laws to matriculate in the joy of manifestation, an instant in the illusion of Time.

There is only one instant of time for it moves beyond haste so we project our mind to the future so we may ride its potential to the past. Our History here has been Always for this projected Vortex which spins at lightening speed through Time/Space. The collective creates all aspects of the Builded Universes which sustains for the Instant as future deteriorates into past.


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