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The embedded site of Alta Punk is near to the beginning of the mountainous hills prior to the massive peaks of the research continental park for genetic reconditioning. It is not far from ancient settings in the surrounding area where the first enclave of the beginning seat of the Brotherhood's sites whereby they established themselves on this planet. The old buildings and the equipment to construct them taught Jomon's first injectors to this reality. It has been said that the first Shem Su came here eons ago and genetically created elementals that were massive in eventuality. But that was Billions of Orbits ago. Only the Akashic had evidence of this past history. Even now, the Builders still traverse the planet building sites of high importance to maintain the knowledge and wisdom for all to share. One wonders if old Takion was a part of those early morrows. We must stop and see if our dreams of Takion were real, or just an aberration of my unseen age. I must stop and have one more visit with him now.

Jomon; stops the Ultshema over the site of the river enclosed three peaks near what appears to be an old landing site between the ancient structures. The landing stakes are put forth and the craft is rested on solid ground. This early morrow puts forth a good air to breathe. It amplifies my thoughts which I need to converse with the old superior mind. I will lie in state here in hopes he will be aware of my arrival, so we may join in conversation

Takion; In little moments I perceive needs for those who live. It is your return that I was born toward the creation we all belong within and without. I knew you would return in order to seek additional mental amplification. Welcome to the returning factor of our conjoined mental journey. I have thought deeply on what you should know in order to make the great transition from here to the needs of your future reinforcements to humanity. I feel great reward and accomplishment to have the task to give you what needs to be expected from you in view of the catastrophes to come.

Jomon; I have thought well of your mental gifts to me, but now with the advent of a verbiage reference to catastrophes, I fear my joy is fleeting. I came to enlarge upon my mental capacity which I felt was in need to seem more intellectual for my future meeting with my brothers and sisters of the great Brotherhood but now my mind is depleted and unable to focus due to your most recent words.

Takion; Fear not for there is nothing worthy in happenstance of physicality to impact the existing journey of this morrow, but the coming days will need a focused mind to survive. So, we must prepare for such a future that holds much to challenge the human presence. You have much to focus upon and it will require a full knowledge of where you truly came from. Tell me your life Jomon. What is the impact of physicality upon your being?

Jomon; Indeed if I review you my life, then you must agree to tell me all of your fantastic becoming. Commit?

Takion; You will learn and know beyond me. Agree.

My world evolved from a great catastrophe that awakened Hell some thousands of years ago when our world tumbled in an instant! We were once a research planet of one billion souls enjoying a massive highly advanced state! One night of abrupt awakening to a whole universe of chaos turned into Hell! Our ancestors had to climb back out from the rubble and face a world in need of rebuilding! This planet has gone through this phase many times! It is a place whereby the morrow will never compare to the ideas of a paradise. It is chaos in a globular form. Turmoil is always present. We have evolved into a small civilization of no more than 500 million souls, most are highly technological designers and engineers or primary geneticists who live and research in the field of endeavor. Those not involved in the three primary fields are support and educators who live primarily on the coasts of our land masses. I am a Genetic leader of Brotherhood level! I live and research not far from here near the mountains on the altiplano near a massive lake. My Homeland is the large plain-world called the Land of Red -- Lam Mura which is centered in a great body of water. We have created great elementals of genetic entities in that vast realm of beauty! The great Reds are engineered trees of gargantuan size that inundate our continent world. Most of our planet is passively peaceful and well gardened! The flora and fauna are the product/s of careful design patterned after the genetic finds of the ancient ancestor's seed factors. We reconstruct entities that once roamed this planet in accordance to the present state or condition of the planets we are guardians thereof. All we leverage is well thought out and designed within discerned parameters!

As a people, we live long and our deaths are known to be nothing more than transcendent episodes of leaving the physical realm due to our means of motivational leveraging running down because of over use. Yet we have determined the realization of chemical amplification via cells held in our own bodies. We do all we can to prolong our stay here in Time/Space by knowing the entire scope of the needs to the ratio of utilization and what keeps everything in focus. We have lived long lives by hibernation-suspension and freezing aspects of our being for many orbits. We recondition our bodies in many ways using genetic research. But we do more by creating new body parts and aspects that are needed through limb loss or deletion. We compensate for physical needs under water or in deep space. We live on other planets and create new body aspects and abodes necessary to sustain existence in environs that are not conditioned for our ordinary living.

We travel anywhere we wish via high speed means beyond the human body. We can also experience travel and movement in synthetic worlds that we immerse ourselves mentally into simulation modes. We think through amplified means and record everything. We are articulated mentally in every means one can think upon and through. There is nothing we cannot create or recreate. Humans are ready to explore virtually every aspect of creation at this stage of our existence. I am proud to say, I have educated myself via my own teaching device that incorporates echelonic, artificial intellect to project from known potential toward unknown manifestations. So, Takion, what other would you need to know of this realm?

Takion; None other than what I expected of you and yours. All has been done before or you would not exist. You are a copy of yourself! It is your mentality that I wish to explore. How do you describe your ability to think where you are and what you are as you traverse throughout eternity? It appears you have forgotten who you are. I will have little to ask more on this morrow. Yet, I will have more to ask of you upon your return from the Brotherhood's augmented gathering to where you proceed at present. That is all. Anon.

Jomon; indeed I dare say we all are a copy of ourselves in some fashion due to the example of our very presence here in this realm of holospiritual expression whereby iteration is expressed throughout every facet of the known and even the unknown factors of this instant realm called LIFE. I will bid you morrow way, and attend my scheduled pursuit to be of value to my worldly Brotherhood. I must leave but I will return for your wisdom is beyond my understanding.

Jomon enters his Shema and prepares for a quick start and escape to the quarter planet site of the great meeting of all the top administrators of the Great Brotherhood. The exterior of his Shema is instantly cooled to departure speed and the mercinta (mercury generator) is activated for the cross continent flight. His Shema crew is small (5 members) and all are advanced practitioners. His destination is programmed to the primary site of the highest mount of the great valley of Adena near the center of the planets outer band.

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