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Jomon; I sit here in my studio of creation, where I always rest in the last part of each daylight period and think on this past day since I left the union complex of the brotherhood. My whole life seems to have passed by me and it points to a morrow of questions. I position here in time and space at the top of my profession, once thinking I knew everything possible at this point in my career, and questions fly out of my ears to the sounds of birds that fly about in our tree-rich laboratories wondering what hides in the shadows of the multitudes. The old man knew more than I did and do. His richness eclipses my weary mind by millions of orbits, yet he is still alive somehow. He must be an illusion or a holospiritual entity. Yet, he interfaced with my thoughts and knew how my mind worked. He was imagination built upon itself and an Alternate Aspect. His mind built upon thought and was able to recreate new thought beyond mine, as if he were inside me. Sleep seems my only hope of curing my tired-filled day. Time to close my mind and trek back home to Eternity. Dreams, I await you.

Mind so pure and memory so wistful as one seeds the truth of their own soulular experience with memories of a life held elsewhere. My family rises up as I walk into our house, a house I have always loved here in this grand and beautiful realm of massive trees. The home sits in the midst of these great reds with green, ever greener than I have ever recalled. I have changed in a more youthful appearance reflected in the waters surrounding this wonderful expanse of such fine and gargantuan woods. Of course this is indeed me, as beautiful in my smiling self as I ever was. My laboratory is cleaner than ever before and the project is speedily coming to the fore. The professor of higher knowledge is coming into the system to appraise my worth here in Time/Space and all the projects are being presented as I point to each worth to my soul's worthy keeping. He says I am not ready? He says I have not produced? My worth to humanity is waning in scope if he tells the world. Yet, If I return to my studies, he will help me by enlarging my mental scope. How dare this old professor judge me for this, my life's work. Yet, I am torn away to fly above the clouds and stars to a new realm, one that is transparent to the touch and mysterious to the soulular being that I one was. Now, I look upon this old realm and see the meaning of all my worth, wealthy to the core am I for the deeds I put forth, yet I am no longer here or there, but joining all the others for a serious endeavor to save the minds of us all. Dreaming is sitting on the edge of the void, and the void is as deep as Always. This place of being and becoming is here forever and Always. Where do I go, when I am not here? One must enjoy the realm of sleep, it is the going to home that I enjoy almost as much as the animals and plants, I have created. Creation is almost as good as sleep — the slippage from thought to thought seems as riding great swaths of burgeoning light interspersed with the darkest of darkness, I move to nothingness.

Awakening to the grogginess of a long period of supposed rest when there is none due to a constantly worrisome lifestyle, is at times the epitome of massive pity to the max. Jomon awakens to an early rising that signals all the duties that he faces in the course of the coming day's happenings. They will weigh heavily on his thoughts in the course of developing events. Jomon's sleep took place in his hanging mode as do most of this realm who at times hang from the trees in their sleep environs equipped with their projection computers for night time study and entertainment needs. A whole universe is encapsulated within the devices to facilitate research and study via the Akashic network available to all of those who create via genetic careers and professions. His attire is built around synthetic animal skins interspersed with survival gear and computerized medical connections for constant care. All is connected to his mental facility via circuits positioned throughout his vehicular body structure. All the fabric is clear-light in coloration with whatever environment he may be associated with in his travels for security reasons. Reality grabbers are spaced around his body so all external data is known to his auto-body sensors. His wear is all knowing with the outer interface including that of other planetary configurations and liquid environs or temperature extremes. One can never be sure when CHAOS may appear. It only takes seconds to go from cursory attire for sleep to the fully scoped need of every-durational demands. Thusly, Jomon is ready for any circumstance.

Without wasting time, he springs to prepared actions readying his presentational materials and the needs of his tactical equipment, not to mention the condition of his Ultshema for the trek to the Valley of the Union. As he exits the primary facility he pegs-in the lock of his quarters super-fold for brotherhood only purview and heads toward the launching pyramid to leave his charge waving to his common brothers as he runs to the finest Ultshema of the fleet. The Brotherhood awaits. He has determined that he will guide the craft on is own and allows the crew of five to standby. Alerting all the other vehicular crafts in the area of his departure, the Ultshema rises and pegs in to the destination, with one little correction

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