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Perhaps Takion, that old man of my dreams can give me the total package of the entirety of all we see living here in this realm. I digress back to the strangeness of the past morrow.

Ah, this complex pumps my pride to see such success exemplified by all I survey. There my greatest accomplishment in a relationship here on this planet resides my Mickas, who has created a most unbelievable entity in the last days of our stint in the Red Regions. She genetically created a highly intelligent entity that we call a Basion or a small version of our most feared entity that hunts all animals on this world to maintain the balance of forms. Yet Mickas, my love, designed a smaller, fuzzy version that one can hold in their hands that is highly lovable yet highly intelligent and interfaces with all forms of humans. She created the foundation of this animal via a program on our multifaceted linkage to the universal monodic network. Now that we can use the elements and principles to the core, we can assemble and design any beneficial entity here in Time/Space.

Mickas has designed minds in these entities that are so advanced that they can exist with or without human contact. They are almost human themselves. They are cuddly and do not smell bad. They can exist for at least 25 orbits of this planet and if taken on a journey to the other worlds here, they will be company yet sustain themselves while humans are in suspended sleep to pass time to journey on long treks to the distant planets. This Basion is so loving and interesting to watch as it shows off a happiness that makes my mental work complete. While their founding species is fear evoking, the Basions face is innocent and beautiful to look upon. It causes delight. Happiness while working is a plus when pressure causes mental lock up. Mickas has linkage to the Spirit of Love the third Monad of the whole. She brings it into this reality and I am thankful she works with us all. She is an enlightening and delightful soul not unlike the Basions she created. She really put herself into these creations.

I embrace the mental confluence of this base. It shows the coherency of the universal law of 137, our source of existence. The issuance from mind to the manifestation of matter comes from the secret of the 137 or the builded hard copy that Takion must call THE MOIRE ARENA. I must talk with him about that concept, The Moire Arena.

There is so much on my mind today. The urgency of this upcoming, called meeting by the Brotherhood of the Union for all of us to rush to the Great Valley region — the central administration complex for this entire planet. What could be of such critical urgency that we all would be called away from our great work agenda? That meeting and preparing for it, not to mention the dream-like interface with Takion; plus all the other administrative issues of this fine research facility; all impacting my mind for the morrow. It is tiring. Not to mention the secret love I have for Mickas. I am so much older than is she, but the wonderful things she has brought to this research facility has given us all a new insight on our projects. She created the Basion to such a higher animal form in such a small delightful package. What gives me such wonder is that it reproduces faster than its ancient ancestor who is so large and fearsome rather than a joy to be around. If the larger version is as cunning and mentally sophisticated, we will have a new form to enter in future projects eons and eons from now. Yes, Mickas is too a phenomenological entity unto herself. I must go visit her before I leave to show her my admiration for her great work and the pride we all take in her work ethic.

The work of the human mind is slow in this environment of existential situation. The climb to this grand state of being is a long one and once we have as a collective of mentalities reached this point in time, happenings begin to tear at our states and pull us down to experience a loss at some point. It has happened over and over throughout our presence in what some call hardcopy. One hates to revisit such thinking but to Jomon's way of thinking it begins to eat upon our soul to hazard such thought. In my long life, I have seen the great such as Mickas come into this universe and watched as others have fallen in trying to reach her levels of grandeur. Some just cannot keep to the same striving as others. I am so supremely proud to have her a part of our operation and I love her creations in that they always seem to bring out the lightheartedness that we all need in our experiences.

Jomon has arrived back at his primary seat of operations in the engineered site where the genetic calculations are engineered by the exactness required in creating embryonic interfaces. His quarters are of a nature whereby every builded aspect incorporates the machinery in its walls. Interconnected aspects are necessary in the movement from what appears as nothing to the manifestation of entities that move in this reality. Atomic levels of microscopic conjoinments come together in unions of like applications that begin to move when mind is gathered in the presence of the Laws of the Universe.

The elements and principles of Deification materialize and begin to grow in the manifestation chambers. The principles of Mind which rides the Light reduce down to levels inherent with all we perceive in Time/Space. Some aspect of mentality present in the fabric of reality begins to build in each and every elemental due to the construct of this realm called Life or Reality. All mathematical aspect must be known and every active ingredient of presence known in order to construct genetically or physically. The confines of this complex that Jomon oversees, is a perfection of engineering that allows genetic creations here in Time/Space. It is the only aspect of this type of creation on the planet other than those of the space worthy ultshemas.

Such guarded creation as that conceived in this part of the planet issues out in the larger laboratory of the environment in this part of the eco structure environment to move out and become part of the larger realm of living nature. All of this world is an cauldron of mind interfacing with units of movement to grow and prosper to the best of their specifications. All are a plan closely monitored by the geneticists who rule the structure of the world planets in this sector of the universe. Jomon's world sits high above on this sector whereby offerings move down the mountains into the valleys and on throughout the waterways into the continents to become the nature of this realm.

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