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Jomon; Now my mind is ready to appeal to those great members who think so highly and determine so correctly upon the best for those of us who serve our aspects of mental interface with the fabric of Time/Space. There is little time left to gather my thoughts for the morrow, but inside the experience of being at that ancient site in the peaks surrounded by water, well — I am not sure that was fatigue or reality. Being back at home base it all seems so unreal. No one could live for so long to spout the history of this universe of mine.

As Jomon leaves the debriefing facility of his base of operations he notices the construction of new aspects to the site. Fabrication of perfection with the finest and hardest of mineral wear is being reduced to powdered form so the dimensional depositors can begin to replicate via massive 3-d printers. Any configuration of design can be reproduced if known in physicality via its numbers and formulas. The same holds true for Jomon's creations via his computer fabricators for genetic or microscopic creations in the tiniest realms. No object cannot be built that one may contemplate upon. Holospirited forms are transformed from dreams to reality in this age of total creation. All is stable and good in Jomon's world as he walks the massive grounds of the base they established to create the genetics of the future. At this instant, in isolated areas of the planet advancement was taking place to reclaim the verve that this world once reflected. The populace though small was highly educated, well trained and dedicated to doing the work they were supposed to do. Jomon's group of 1,000 geneticists we all working well and his day was exceedingly bright.

Jomon; My day goes past the thoughts Takion placed within my mind. Yet, they were presented sublimely, and more deliberately to my deep concentration. I have never found anyone or thing that seemed more informed than am I. Yet, something must have interceded my mind on the way back here. The place in the mountains was so mysterious and beyond strange. It was on the highest of peaks and there was evidence of past advanced construction all over its perfect landing pad area as if long ago, some highly advanced organization built this place for escape. Their methods were not unlike our lithic fabrication techniques. The river at its base was so rapid circling its assemblage of high spires that few could ford it's quick waters. It hides so well in the landscape of glorious mountains and would make us a perfect site to create a new genetic enclave for advanced study. I must think on this for future development. Those of us who strive and seek the beyond would find such a place to meditate deeper in such a secluded atmosphere. Any place where a mind can expand into the mood of deeper concentration is of high benefit. We the ancient survivors of the last polar reversal that killed so many of our families were scooped up to safety in those days long ago to be schooled especially for what we do now. The brotherhood of minds were responsible for our survival. They had all the technology of the planet hidden away to seek only the certain ones. I was one of their first choices. It all seems so long ago. Thank the good for those of us who survived to build this great world of our presence.

This is now, and that was yesterday's thoughts. I must work to set in a new frame of mind of using the old data for the better and ignoring the non-usable and flawed. The emergency called meeting of the overlords to the Brotherhood of men and women, requires clear and clean thoughts. I will retire and leave all the chaff of yesterday behind. Though, I may drop into that old mountain site on the way to the grand Union tomorrow. Just to see if what I experienced yesterday has any traction to my mental presence. At times today, it all seems as an illusion. If the old man appears, I will be totally taken aback.

As Jomon strolls the research grounds he attempts to clear his thoughts of the old man from his mind and substitutes the humdrum of his professional career's requirements to administer the facilities for genetic perfection. The complex sprawled on this site between the mountains and the great expanse of the fresh water collection so important to the experiments taking place here. The site was enclosed with perhaps a thousand primary experts who oversaw another thousand of designated field experts who went into the flora expanse to interface with the already existing creations. All had to fit within the parameters of each elemental and the primary. Shemas, were everywhere, racing back and forth from base to sites where the interfacing of genetic creations took place. Their noisy, energy specific hums carried with the requirements of each projects weight to power ratio/s. Some were very, powerfully loud and others were of little notice. The Shemas were small utility vehicles that offered interlocking additions specific for the precise needs of the flora or fauna if necessary. Jomon's ultshema was merely a larger version that could traverse to other planets if necessary, though some parts of the unit were of high accommodation depending on the official level of the administrator. Jomon's unit had every need covered. The engineering of this Age in Time, was of the most expeditious and precise necessary for the total, Gestalt or whole need of the associative environs. It all worked perfectly.

In this age of mental perfection, all aspects of human leveraging in physical reality seems to Jomon as complete. We have finally reached the apogee or highest point of making this realm work to our advantage. Even now, those of his own profession are working at breakneck speed to convert the thinking realms in this world to one embracing DNA and its dimensional enhancement of computing via four molecule combinations -- A T C G. Thus, we may begin to understand the ancient messages of the four-faced secondary of Godliness,according to tradition, was/is the instrument of creation in conjunction with the First Cause. Here we may rediscover knowledge that humanity once knew in the primary mission. Once humanity unites the disciplines of Genetic Engineering with the symbol of the ancient caduceus, which is DNA's double helix, then we will begin to create tools that will build a new and higher understanding of universal purpose. Building the super-mind via the tools of DNA through the amplification of neuronic-technology (neurons of the human brain) will set our flight from Earth back toward the super-universe from whence we came. Before this happens, mankind will need to fully understand the connection between himself and the Divine act of creation including the true understanding of Light and Mind and how riding the light has created all we discern with our sensory aspects.

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