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Jomon stirs as if awaking from a durational sleep somewhat startled and shaky standing up from the green grass of the resting place near the massive peaks that define his new discovery.

"I have dreamed the most vivid of illusions while resting here, too
deep did I go." He steps lively toward his ultshema to the crew onboard he speaks of nothing of his unusual experience, embarrassed that he told so long, in such a short time. He directs his pilot to set course for the home base. Relief seems to wash away some of the heaviness he feels from such an episode down below on the peak of surrounding waters. Home we go!

Alta Punk, expresses as the finest base facility built to withstand the worst of planet catastrophes due to its interlocking engineered construct. All facets of design were followed in the building of this the greatest base of operations here in the high planes nestled between the planned waters and the great range of mountain structures. It was indeed a perfect setting of the most acclaimed geneticist in this sector of planets. Jomon was the greatest practitioner of creating a means of motivation for all entities necessary for the synchronicity of planet wide congruence. Coherency was indeed the overriding rule of the primary goal for each and every planet within all sectors of the great Union. Jomon was its champion and most knowledgeable of all who worked this place and there were many facets of the profession scattered all over the globe — the primary profession, the riding of the LIGHT.

The Hand of Light was the guiding principle of all who contemplated deeply in Physicality. Light was seen as the carrier of all aspects of mental endeavor. If one knew the elements and principles of deified design, Light would be the carrier throughout eternity or the call of Always. Light was whereby existence was seen, discerned and experienced. It was given upon entry to this realm as the driving force of energy that moves the means of thinking motion in the micro and macro realms of leveraging for power and control in Time/Space. In essence, Mind rides the energy of Light which drives all elementals held within the entirety of being and becoming.

Jomon was the one who rose through the ranks long ago and survived all the trials of his time by learning and enduring the Godly tests laid at his feet. Striving and Seeking were his strengths from youth on to the present. As a child of the Red Lands, the vast lands of the great high trees that inundate the middle landmass centered in the great ocean. Beauty was the hallmark of this wonderful green world. With such beauty, Jomon's mind expanded in all facets of human growth. Little did he not know in the confines of this planetary system that few here could ever compete therein with any subject but Genetics was his supreme understanding.

As Jomon meditates at his research home in the Alta Punk, he begins to prepare for his up coming meeting on the morrow. He starts with the creed of the Brotherhood: "I am inherent with Time/Space, being the multifaceted aspect of the universal mind/s that permeates the Always of the creative aspect of being and becoming. Old have I always been, yet youth slips through my thoughts. I have created all I see through the Eye of Godliness for eternity I share with His Love. Yet, not that I am, but I share the whereby of all that exists via His forever! May all awaken to the Truth of their unison of being and becoming in creation. We are One! His Love is the Truth of the breath of Light! To and for all, Breathe in the Light".

"Fly the span of reality's projections, experience the parameters of mental potential by positive reflection. Breathe in the Light and touch upon the highest thoughts that Mind can reach. It is time we go there, to the future at lightspeed! Humanity has the dreaming ability to see past what holds us back from the edge of Always. These thoughts burgeon my soulular experience to higher grounds. I am thankful for my "Worthiness" training in my youth, for it returns when I am distraught and at this point in my day".

Jomon; My presentation on the morrow to the BROTHERS must reflect a current knowledge of our sector of research. The presentation: Our citizenry's world/s evolved from a series of great catastrophes that awakened Hell some thousands of years ago when our planet tumbled in an instant due to a polar repositioning. We were once a planet of 10 billion souls enjoying a massive highly advanced state! One night of abrupt awakening to a whole universe turned into Hell! Our ancestors had to climb back out from the rubble and face a humanity in need of rebuilding! At this last instant most of us realized that our world was highly volatile and uneasy. Watching and knowing was the touchstone of our overlording. Our now adopted planet has gone through this phase seven times! 36,000 years later we have evolved into a small civilization of no more than half a billion souls, most are highly technological designers and engineers or primary geneticists who live and research in the field of endeavor. Those not involved in the three primary fields are support and educators who live primarily on the coasts of our land masses. I am a Genetic leader of Brotherhood level! I live and research not far from here near the mountains! My Homeland is the massive plain-world called the Land of Red -- Lam Mura. We have created great elementals of genetic entities animals and plants in that vast realm of beauty! The great Reds are engineered trees of gargantuan size that inundate our continent world. Most of our planet is passively peaceful and well gardened! The flora and fauna are the product/s of careful design! All we leverage is well thought out and designed within discerned parameters! Our dreams even carry much toward reality though consciousness in reality suggests our existences here are God's dreaming.

I dream in an age of immense burgeoning toward mental creation and subsequent engineering. I was borne to this means of motivation in Time/Space millions and millions of eons ago. Hologenetical configuration in physicality via the Moire Arena's facility has been mind's habit. The Mind we all share. Ages upon ages tend to cloud the memory here in God's Arena, the realm of physicality where tools are used to create markers of Time/Space. There its memory does return to mind when highly pressured for results. To discern the scope of this mental potential as we ride the instant of illumination, causing one to peer outward and see our destiny with our best eye, your mind's eye...and remember what brought you to awakening to Is. It Flash points suggest the instant called Time as we move through duration in what may be Timelessness. IS seems as always but manifests as fabric of Time to the wearer of such clothing of flesh. Would that all of humanity were on the same point of consideration so we all would be advised of our happenstance.

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