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Takion; I was once like you long ago. I was transformed this way via a process beyond mental toward that of light transcendence. It is a way one becomes to an ultimate form while here in Time/Space. It is a way of being and becoming that few master while in this physical realm. There once were many of us, but our brothers, and later sisters failed in realizing their master plan. Their reason for being became lost as it has with your generations. I am here to help you return to your borne realization of why you even exist.

Jomon; You say you are here to help, but I do not know why, for we are not in need of any help that I am aware of, other than what comes the next day?

Takion; Millions of orbits ago, my home planet was destroyed while I escaped in an Ultshema that still sits on the back side of this great peak in its protective ramp. I can go anywhere in this sector via that great creation to transport between worlds. Our engineers were phenomenal in that for thousands of durations, we once used this planet for food creation. Enmayi, Hytona and Eranta were once all tied together in a union of worlds so long ago. We are now the dregs of a once great Omegon Civilization. Hytona, fourth from the Goge, was the center planet where we all came from. I am perhaps the only entity that even knows this most ancient history. I am here to tell you of that past so you may convey to others our true being to become. What I am about to convey to you is indeed hard to comprehend. It will require you to think deeply and review it over and over and over to understand it in your present state of mind. Listen intently!

In our beginnings, the Enmayi, Hytonans were given the total sacred-knowledge of the All which is the IS, so as to create this new quantified world of light beings, manifesting into a created virtual realm of (time and space). Their mental knowing this was an invariable law of existence prior to manifestation. Before their globular state, while still in pure plasmic form, the "they" that made up their first contingent entry to this sector, were exceedingly ready to bring the emblem of the Logos (Reason) into physical play via projection into hardcopy. We were beings ready to become. What a wonderful mental age, but beware for we did not see the results of “not” remembering the secret of the hand that sees and the mind that moved. Even now I recall the isolated evidence of the most ancient symbol of the Enigmni hidden within and under the remains of our best efforts in our last days there on that old planet, now an asteroid field.

Curious to you and known to me, one does not topically remember the evidences of the Alphian form in the Enmayi’s or Hytonan’s earliest periods of existence. Though the Alphians made up half of our total beings, I can only recall small, but recent tracings of the self-lovers. The loving of the self is foreign to the mind of an Omegon. They could not have survived all those orbits without the other half of the equation. As entities, the Alphian states have uniformly communicated through time sequences, "You can’t do without us." New entities cultivate within them, as part of the learning methodology in preparation for the Omegon State, which is beyond elemental birth. Mind rode the light of our bodies augmented by the Goge System from which we issued upon our arrival here in this part of the Universe. The entity of personalities rides the Light, but becomes enamored with the self.

All of my prior agri-surveys of other, like worlds, have always messaged the survival of the total spectrum of entity development and ascendancy in this, the "hard-copy" of virtual projection. It is law, and totally necessary. Why not there? There are the Alphians, created after the first "builders" who were advanced Alphi/Omegis; then, after the genesis, the perpetualizer forms of both categories always grow thereafter, utilizing the fluids and elements of creation to continue the material state of being in this alternate reality. Having been in on the beginning of this sector, I know this was the initial plan here also. After all, this is the journey that all, as well as myself, must traverse in the striving to attain the Omegon state. Omegon is the final essence capable of high material form. We are the providers who also watch.

From my preliminary and cursory evaluation, my Enmayi family reached some of the Phase II Omegon level of entity authority. They had created and occupied forms of high sophistication in the early days of their projected arrival on that orb. Given only the symbol of Enigmni, they derived the perfect form for this environment. The hand that sees, is the mind that moves in physicality. This was their first world, and apparently, only their first, for they did not create any other worlds as entities usually do in other realms of existences that have reached the Phase II Omegon advancement level. Why did they vary from the formula necessarily appointed from Timelessness? It was the dawning of the Evil One. They exist here on this planet now and lurk in the background of every authority.

Existence and its germinating ability to locally comprehend itself in succeeding material forms, is the mystery embedded in the symbol of the Enigmni — the programmed physical leveraging means to Deity here requires contrast for mental understanding in physicality. Only Deity is privy to the ultramacro-vision of the entire scope. Omegons see most of existence, but Deity sees it all from its ALWAYS state of mind.

The IS instant requires a burgeoning cause toward effect. The Enmayis and Hytonians progressed from, what some would call an ideal condition, to an advanced Phase II Omegon civilization and maintained a thoroughly high level of achievement until the contrast of evil ascended to our planet. Now, Evil lives here in the entire Goge System.

The Omegons ruled well in this quadrant of this system in perpetuity. Such evidence is both a tribute and dilemma when one factors in the end result of our final works. One could almost hate those who caused this final fatality, unless they be Omegon and see the whole spectrum of the overall plan. Perhaps I will soon distinguish the involution of that plan. There would be a virtual continuation of this divine planning — if some Enmayi were able to survive somewhere in the oceans of space and matter. From here, my view surveys only dark foreboding results from such a chance. Could Jomon reestablish the good of Mind?

In certitude, my mind condenses facts and chance — Enmayi and Hytonan influence in the manifest realms equates to much burdensome subjugation in our last days. This I feel as well as surmise from shallow graves still phantoms in my mind. Humanity Vehicular Manifestation here in physicality for the Mind of Godliness is much too complex for the average being to comprehend. Why does one even try? Their seriousness of mentality, ambition and power issued from the beginning until these last few digits of their whole time of duration. A seamless journey of constant and steady progress marked their curving trajectory of "be-ness" within the common spiral of life. They sought to develop essentially all thoughts upon creative existences. It appears they tried everything sane before insanity. I had not this gift! Ergo, this end I have not been gifted. My end is my Eternity. My Eternity is to serve in unison with the All who Is.

Jomon; I am unable to comprehend or even understand your mental progression via this dreaming that you have put upon my reposing here on this beautiful mount which you say is your Earthly Home now. As you say, I will have need of reviewing over and over the important things I now know you have imparted to my being and future becoming. I must admit I am at a loss to know what this entire experience means to my future or this place I thought I had discovered. It is your ancient presence here that encumbers my mind. Heavy has this day burdened me for sleep has betrayed me toward a new challenge to my very presence. You, Takion have placed burden to my mind. I shall depart from here and perhaps shall never return to this place.

Takion; Indeed you scurry off to your enclave of peace and secure surroundings, but only to dwell on my initial contact upon your mind. You will not shake my words from your thoughts, but return here often to find more sufferance to build your consciousness to even higher standards. To you I say goodbye but this world has need of your higher campaign. There are plans higher than your present knowings.

As stealthy as his appearance, Takion dissolves away in the ascending darkness of the day, silently into the stones of high engineering, a cave closes its secret door.

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