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Ancient of Minds...A Test of focus.

Jomon awakes and speaks; Who are you that stands in front of me in your blaze of uniqueness and enlightened awe? Dreams betray my thoughts. He speaks to me!

I am as you see, Takion of the planet Enmayi. The great Agri Agent! To you I appear as an Omegon! I am what you would call a Light Being. I have lived in excess of 5 million Earth Orbits. To you, I would never die in this physicality, although I am indeed perishable to some events. Yet, I come to you as a friend for you have set foot in my temporary home here on this planet. It is natural for me to greet you but I know whereof your mind has sought me on this morrow of high importance to all who are human. As you now know, I have been observing your thoughts for a long time.

Jomon; Be that as it appears, you are as a dream to me and I care not of your lineage since dreams are as “I” prescribe. Go away and let me sleep as I am very tired. At any care, I have never heard of a planet called Enmayi. Does it even exist in the mind of God?

Takion speaks; Long ago, Enmayi was the fifth planet from the Goge, or the Sun Portal of your ancient knowing. Today, you call it the Rock-Strung Belt where asteroids appear to be born. Enmayi made use of Egog the pony sun for deep sustenance to the outer orbs. You call it Jupiter and it is a chemical shadow of its past beacon power. Once there were three planets in high utilization by thinking beings here in this sector of the Goge System. The Omegons were in the process of creating a fourth planet which was the second from the bright one, Goge. We Omegons were the caretakers of this system’s development and numbered in the thousands initially. Now, there are only four or five Omegons in existence at this morrow. Two that serve our God (as you think), and two that serve themselves and perhaps some secret beings who lurk elsewhere.

Jomon; I must shake this aberration of my mind and return to my craft above. Dreams can be so luxuriant in their presentations to the mind, yet I do have access to a large Monadic, ergo Akashic sector of thought? What goes here? This seems too real to be a dream state.

Takion; I know you are no practitioner of foolery, so put away your attempts to wash away the most important communication you have ever experienced. I have been observing you, since you first arrived here in this realm, and know your mind, all you have ever thought lays at my behest. I know the technology that brought you here since mine is superior. I have done an analysis of every facet of your journey to my place of interface here in Time/Space. I expect you to get down to this joining of our minds immediately. Awaken to me for our time is short.

Jomon; I surrender to your massive intellect but I fear all that is unknown to me as all beings do. Surely, I am aware that you would know the why of my hesitation. Since I am one of the few here in this instance of the Goge sector, that can think beyond the highest minds presently enjoying existence in the matrix of data, you would and should give me your indulgence. I need to know who and what you are if you are an Omegon. Please tell me more of your make.

Takion; As an Omegon, one must strive for the highest of states, or the light being that assumes physical flesh upon entering into this, Goge’s dream trance. All beings are but one mind as you have been taught, this is true. There is but One atmosphere of Godly mentality outside of the physicality dimension/s. Upon entering a means of motivation here, we become multifaceted and find personalities in every expression of this matriculation. Omegons are given a solid state for our light to be expressed eternally so the Overlording can be accomplished. If a being can reach this state in an opening held by another who has awakened to Omegonship, then they can be given an amplified opportunity to ride the Light of extension. Our Atomic structure is augmented to say the least. I could give you this state of existence if you were deserving. I will expand on this at a later instant in Time. I have much to teach you in a matter of little time. Urgency has caused us to meet here at a point of dire need. This place is of Godly designation. You are the point mentality of future generations and events.

Jomon; As you may or may not know, I am one of the highest minds here on this planet. I have lived long and experienced much by being involved in virtually every operation and catastrophe a thinking entity can have achieved or been given the challenge by others to assume responsibility. I may know more than you and If you are attempting to supercede me in some way, I may be an adversary to your plans.

Takion; You have nothing on me young one. I am given the plans of this entire responsibility of existence here in Time/Space. Millions of orbits ago, I started as a base human-like being on a little planet fourth from the Goge. It was a starting point for my physical soul in this physicality and it was indeed a challenge for one borne to learning how to survive in a form here in this realm of feelings and emotional scorn. Our bodies were simple, yet complex at the same time. Our world was small yet large. Our mission was known, yet unknown. I was an Agri Practitioner who over saw the utilization of all the tools of nutrition to sustain a being in existence. I was a feeder of my people. At birth, we were to learn the read of every point of contrast for benefit to the being. We created billions of plants and ecosystems to sustain those plants for consummation. I fed my whole world for eons. Every elemental that was involved in the life force was known to me. As the planet changed, I had to note those changes and reconfigure all parts of the wholes to interface with the needs of my people. It was all part of our learning process which we held in the highest of interests. We had no time for foolery, else we ceased to exist.

Jomon; I too am as you are. I am held to care for the structure of physical existence on this world. All you say is old knowledge to me. Tell me something I do not consider. From my early beginnings I have amplified daily on the knowledge and wisdom of the very teachings of this worlds messages held in the secret infrastructure of its very nature. I know all of how to interface with physicality and utilize its tellings. I am also a Surveyor. I see beyond. I read beyond. I think beyond. Tell me what is out there that I must endure your presence here in my discovery, old ancient Agri-one of Omegon stature.

Takion; You know what your see. This is good. But do you know beyond your seeing? Do you even know how one came to seeing in this thing we call existence? You just stepped into this means of motivation in this projection to experience life and perceive its fruits and potential Hell. Do you think it is the work of a practitioner of magic? It just happened due to an evolving tale of one’s word of mouth. No. It is beyond your scope. One may see a device for ascertaining data and what is data, what form of receiving and sending and do the two even interface to existence? You and almost everyone else has some form of eye, but what is an eye? When and where did its need arise to the mind of Godliness. Does mind just see anyway? If one were to develop a thinking device, wherein would it ascertain anything unless it could build upon the tools created prior and future??? Beings have emulated the mind’s eye to negotiate here in Time/Space, but where is the first one and does it exist in dimensionless aspects? God sees without eyes or is the ultimate eye. Indeed all time is known to Mind and its numbers are formulated in the over-lording of the physical realms. The Enigmni lurks within the totality of IS. IS, is the seeing of creation and design.

Designing an eye to see when sight was not there to be seen causes the mind to drift! What came first, an idea of what seeing was a believing, or believing what could be seen if seeing could be achieved! Therefore, what is enlightened and lighted so sight may be amplified to the thinker mentality! How could God design a place to see if seeing had not ever been a place to be experienced unless seeing had always been? Therefore, the Light has forever issued forth in Eternity and light is assigned to Mind. Has mind always seen and does the workings of sight prove an evolution? How long could mind exist if sight was not? To see as the finest eye and mind does in life — what would have to transpire in order for such a grand Union as mind and discernment manifest? All sensual experience is indeed mind-involving to discern the tools of being and becoming in and out of IS.

As an Omegon sees beyond with an amplified vision in multifaceted dimensions all at one instant, our advantage is due to a deeper introspection. It is many layered and presented in coloration beyond the scope of one who has just started visualizing the universe. Seeing is the primary sensual to find and dissect as a surveyor would to the core of every issue. All is done at the speed of Light and beyond. It is the knowing of the base formula of numbers beyond time. Extra Rays allow one to penetrate normal data and see inside with adjustments via chemical analysis. This visual ability is indeed one that allows us to Survey to the base of all designations.

Therefore, Jomon, wherein do you contemplate beyond and before the potential of Chaos to Reality??? The two aspects sleep within each other and awaken instantly in the scope of Is. The Absolute and Ultimate Unknown is the Enigmni. Have you seen the Enigmni slip past you to peer at your lack of knowing from all sides of your offering???

Jomon; I fear that if you have these super aspects built into your mental means vehicle, which motivates in our reality, then I am at a loss. I cannot compete with your surveyor’s tools other than external devices that are not instantaneous. Over time, I would be able to check but not perfectly judge. What are you and how is it that you are here on my newly found mountain retreat? You appear almost as I do but are more light worthy. I can see things within your body that appear as my organs but they seem of Gold and Light!

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