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Thank you for your reply.

When we dream we 'enter' or 'access' a different state of consciousness to that when we are awake and similarly do the same thing when under the influence of DMT.

I'm also to referring to a person who has been blind from birth, not someone who's sight has deteriorated or gone completely as I can understand how your brain would be able to remember things that have been seen.

And there are lots of things floating around in space that we cannot access due the the field of our perception and the way our brains work. Oxygen for example, you can't see that, can you?

Who's to say the brain isn't a receiver that plays back the signal it gets from elsewhere, much the same way a TV set is a receiver that plays the pictures from the broadcast house.

Back to the question.

People who are blind from birth do not dream in the same way a sighted person would or a person who has lost their sight would. They have audio dreams that do not have any imagery attached to them.

Let's assume for the sake of this argument, a few things; DMT experiences are largely the same for each person who has one. Blind from birth people do not see. There are different states of consciousness.

If a blind from birth person took DMT and could access the same altered state of consciousness, then that would prove that the altered state of consciousness isn't accessed through the eyes or based on previous eye sightings (which would then mean we have to understand consciousness in a different way). And by the way, we don't fully understand consciousness, anyone who claims they do is a liar. There are a lot of theories, all that are yet to be proven 100%.

I am not writing this as a matter of fact, I'm writing from a point of view. And what I'm saying is; it would make sense to do this test, if it hasn't already been done. I have searched for an answer but I didn't find any evidence to this being tried but I would love to know if it has and what the results where.

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